Brisbane Bells Concert Performance

Join Brisbane Bells for a unique concert on their first regional Queensland Tour this September.

The Lighthouse Festival

Bundaberg Regional Council's 2017 Community Event of the Year, The Lighthouse Festival showcases the best of Burnett Heads and the Bundaberg region.

Bundaberg Regional Council's 2017 Community Event of the Year, The Lighthouse...

Surfing: Where to start when you don't know how

PART 1: Learn the basics of surfing with Robbie and Carlene Sherwell, of XL Surfing Academy in this series aimed at getting you in the water.

VIDEO: Coast's best, secret freshwater swimming holes

Making the most of rock pools on the Sunshine Coast.

All most people want to do during the heatwave is cool off

10 common snakes and how to identify them

Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher Richie Gilbert holding up a coastal carpet python retrieved from a home at Lake McDonald

Snake catcher Richie Gilbert has seen it all

Five of the best to places to bushwalk

Popular pass time offers something for everyone

More tourists staying longer in Bundaberg

THE National Visitor Survey, released yesterday, reveals more Australians are visiting Bundaberg and they're staying longer and spending more.

FULL WINNERS: Parade a floral and fun affair

Grand Central Floral Parade. Carnival of Flowers 2017. September 2017

'Hours and hours of blood, sweat and tears went into them'

Tourists fail to offer beer for Aussie helping them out

What, no beer?

What? No beer for helping you out of a bog?

Power prices hurting tourism

PRICE HIKE: Opposition energy spokesman Michael Hart, Burnett MP Stephen Bennett and Manta Bargara Resort owner Roger Shuttleworth.Photo Contributed

Rising electricity prices crippling Bargara business

Furore erupts over indigenous hosing video

“It was first thing in the morning. I was cold after that.”

Our whale hot spots revealed as numbers rise

CRUISING BY: A pod of whales casually passes Nudibranch Park in Bargara.

Hervey Bay may have competition

Tourists in tears amid emotional whale encounter

Up close encounter off Cape Moreton.

"It was looking into the guests' eyes and checking us out!