November 2016

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INDEPENDENT supermarkets are fighting for their right to sell alcohol, which they believe would help level the playing field

Eggs, milk, booze? The supermarkets looking to liquor

"why is it a complex issue? supermarkets in other states and countries have been selling wines and..."

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FOREIGN supermarket giant Aldi could kill off the traditional Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets, according to entrepreneur Dick Smith

We are killing Woolworths, IGA and Coles, says Dick Smith

"I agree with hangemhigh, why should I scan my own stuff and then pay for the privilege? The credit card..."

March 2016

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IT IS about time that all the pamphlets are stuck inside the polling boxes and no people were allowed outside any polling venue to harass the voters.

LETTER: I don't want campaign flyers when I go to vote

"We voted at the designated polling booth, and both of us had decided on our vote some time ago. We..."

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I'm interested to know why they are building the pipeline with minimal additional capacity.

LETTERS: Pipeline worry

"Shane, I thought exactly the same thing, but my lack of knowledge on this subject stopped me from..."

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STORM chaser Jeff Higgins has detailed three scenarios for the monsoonal trough including a perfect storm where it could intensify and track south

LISTEN: Trough develops into tropical low, but stays in Gulf

"the trough/cyclone will not effect the coast, but it may affect it..."

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“THE government said asbestos was okay, and DDT, and lead in petrol, and we’re still paying for those errors. It may be okay – but it may not.”

WATCH: Residents frustrated over lack of communication

"I wish they would come and build a tower near us, we have limited or no access to Telstra or Optus..."

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