December 2016

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Sorry fellas, female joggers aren't there for you

"I would like a survey done of how many tradies who blow their horns at women actually meet up with them..."

April 2016

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APRIL FOOLS: Security  has been beefed up around Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale after the QT confirmed a Mafia contract was out on the popular civic leader.

Mafia contract out on Pisasale over knockback

"Check the date people."

January 2016

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WE have all been educated about the "one punch can kill" ad campaigns, but to some it seems to fall on deaf ears.

LETTERS: Thugs should get a life sentence for coward punch

"The penalty is already life and is called unlawful striking causing death. It was brought in by the..."

December 2015

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Shayne Neumann is a vocal advocate for Ipswich in parliament but the Turnbull Government holds the purse strings and must show some interest in the city.

Shayne’s big 2016 vision

"I'm sick of paying for major roads and public transport upgrades through tax then having to pay the..."

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FAMILY violence awareness campaigner Rosie Batty has expressed her shock at Gerard Baden-Clay's conviction being downgraded from murder to manslaughter.

Rosie Batty 'gutted' with Baden-Clay conviction downgrade

"As usual she doesn't know what she's talking about. If she bothered to read the ruling there was no..."

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A 5% rise in GST means every service and most commodities would rise 50% as a rise of 5% is half of the 10% already paid.

LETTERS: What a GST rise really means to the pocket

"It's a 50% increase in the tax portion not the full cost of the item. If something costs $100 plus 10%..."

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BRISBANE'S town crier Mike McHutchinson recently welcomed Ipswich's new town crier James McDermott to the profession at Ipswich City Council.

New Town Crier appointed by council

"I hope it's not a paid position."

November 2015

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PAUL William Walker III has filed a lawsuit against the luxury car company for wrongful death and negligence.

Paul Walker's dad suing Porsche over actor's death

"Only in America can somebody sue a car company after somebody recklessly crashes one of their cars and..."

October 2015

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<strong>NEW VIDEO</strong> A five metre crocodile spotted in waters off Mackay has prompted calls for authorities to take action before a child is attacked.

VIDEO: Locals fear crocodile will attack children

"Stop taking away the crocs food and leave it alone and there will be no problems. They were here..."

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A LARGE cluster of objects in space look like something you would "expect an alien civilization to build", astronomers have said.

Astronomers find star may have alien 'megastructures'

"As long as scientists continue to believe that every living thing needs water and the same air as ours..."

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