October 2015

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If money can be taken away in seconds why can it not be returned in seconds?

Refund delay causes customer anguish

"stillcruizin and Allan H, that's all well and good if the retailers are on your doorstep. I live in the..."

July 2015

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GEORGIA Stephensen has just submitted her 110th job application for work on the Fraser Coast – but the milestone isn’t anything to celebrate.

'I applied for 110 jobs and heard nothing'

"Agree. I,m 55, years of a many different experiences. I personally paid (Centrelink and my employment..."

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POLICE have handed out more than 90 fines after a four-day blitz across the region, which finished yesterday.

61 speeding... 8 unregistered... police nab drivers in blitz

"The first of many "blitz" I hope? Well done and keep it up police, drivers need to be legal and road..."

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BE AWARE when answering the phone – if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is - is the message local residents are sending to others.

Listen as scammer tries - and fails - to trick Bundy woman

"UrraweenUrchin I couldn,t agree more."

May 2015

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A BUNDABERG man is at breaking point after going through four new or replacement mobile phones in five months, as well as numerous loan phones.

Lack of phone fix ‘a joke’

"Predictor. That,s all well and good if you can afford one?"

April 2015

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WITH more financial institutions moving towards PayWave and Paypass Visa cards, Toowoomba police are reminding people to maintain security of their cards.

Police issue PayWave and Paypass security warning

"PayWave and everything on that line shouldn't,t have been introduced. Fairly obvious what was going to..."

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COLES and Woolworths are too dominant in the supermarket sector, a national survey has shown.

Coles and Woolworths have too much of the market: survey

"Talking from personal experience, I owned and ran a small supermarket, but couldn,t continue at a..."

January 2015

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SNAKES Downunder co-owner Ian Jenkins has had “a few stern words” with 4m-long crocodile Macca after the attack that could have cost him his life.

Injured croc trainer says Macca isn't aggressive

"Good to have you back safe and sound Ian, good luck."

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