December 2015

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I WOULD like to know who set the CEO of Australia Post a salary package of $4.8million and how this can be justified.

READER'S VIEW: How are CEO million dollar pays justified?

"I believe Mr. Fahour is a personal friend of Malcolm Turnbull's when Turnbull was the Minister for..."

June 2015

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IT HAS taken three votes of Bundaberg Regional Councillors to reach no definitive decision on an application for a helipad at a Bargara residential address.

Chopper vote circulates

"Councillors should't have to make a decision on this harebrained, dangerous scheme. It should have been..."

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A TOP detective wants to lighten the workload on police and the community by sending home foreigners who repeatedly break the law.

Top cop: deport criminals, save time and money

"Never happen while ever we have the weak kneed justice system we've got. Criminals just laugh at..."

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A BARGARA man’s controversial application for a helipad alongside his Woongarra Scenic Dve home will go before Bundaberg Regional Councillors again next week.

Chopper up for vote #2

"Allowing helicopters to take off and land in residential areas is just plain crazy. Who will be..."

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Voted in a poll 3rd Jun 2015 12:18 PM

May 2015

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IF you feel a little uncomfortable answering questions about the tampon tax, what do you do?

Joe Hockey to reporters: Guys, are you 18?

"Fancy a failed first budget federal Treasurer liker Joe Hockey trying to tell the Queensland government..."

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THE NewsMail asked Bundaberg Regional Council specific questions about its stance on the shared living arrangements of backpackers.

NewsMail sought clarification on renting to backpackers

"One more reason among the many to get rid of this malfunctioning council. Never in Bundaberg's history..."

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On the weekend, The Bulletin asked readers via Facebook: How should you indicate when using a roundabout?

READERS DISCUSS: The correct way to indicate on roundabouts

"Indicating when going straight through a roundabout is one of the craziest traffic laws ever. If you..."

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AN ISLAMIC group in Toowoomba has strongly condemned any acts of using religion to commit violence.

Toowoomba Islamic group condemns religious violence

"You are spot on Palco. And the government bends over backwards to encourage this type of thing. In..."

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