July 2019

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What do you think - should tolls be cheaper?

Toll roads too expensive and change is needed

"If I use the tolls to go to the airport to collect someone using the tunnels the return trip adds..."

June 2017

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DISTURBING video has emerged of a teacher, who was later sacked, being repeatedly punched in the head by a former school student.

Schoolteacher sacked after student punches him in head

"Oh dear the poor precious 17 yr old! How can he possibly cope being called such names after attacking..."

July 2015

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A FORMER hotspot for crime, Ipswich is now one of the safest places to live in Queensland.

Premier visits Ipswich to overview Comms centre dispute

"...and Brisbane CBD isn't like that? Go there after dusk and the same happens there. There are also..."

April 2015

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A TV presenter in Singapore has sparked an unlikely viral craze after posting a maths problem that was posed to the nation’s children.

How to solve school maths problem that stumped the world

"That's not poorly worded English at all. It makes perfect sense. 'Respectively' simply links back facts..."

February 2014

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SPRINGFIELD Lakes is primed for further growth following approval by Ipswich City Council to build more townhouses throughout the suburb.

Green light for 126 new townhouses at Springfield Lakes

"Last time I looked, Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Brookwater and all are part of the City of Ipswich."

July 2013

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A PRO-ACTIVE inner-city venture is aiming to let fledgling firms get down to business in the Ipswich CBD and stimulate the city's heart.

Mayor wants empty shops filled and drawing visitors

"People complaining have obviously not seen the redevelopment plans for the mall/riverside area that..."

June 2013

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A REPORT on the economic wellbeing of Australia's regions has shown a significant increase in benefits paid to Ipswich people.

Surge in benefit payments to Ipswich: Report

"It's easy to judge regions that have higher percentage increases in welfare than others - and..."

May 2013

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IPSWICH is home to a low income and low education population compared to the booming inner suburbs of Brisbane, according to a new report.

Ipswich's workers lag in pay, education

"Ipswich is one of many outer areas of the Brisbane area, and this report could be applied to most major..."

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