December 2020

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September 2020

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July 2020

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A former veteran politician claims the LNP is moving to the religious right and becoming more like the National Party.

‘LNP moving to the religious Right’: Former MP

"People quickly forget that every Sunday Kevin Rudd did his press conferences in front of a church. The..."

June 2020

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BACKPACKER bashing is a bit of a sport in Bundaberg, but can it just not be?

OPINION: Just stop with the hatred of backpackers

"Thank you Crystal, you make an excellent point. I work in this sector and can say first hand that 99.9%..."

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May 2020

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A TOOWOOMBA councillor will push for the introduction of a new environmental advisory committee to ensure the organisation addressed climate change.

Councillor wants new committee to address climate change

"Let's hope to God that the other councillors see through this and don't let themselves get distracted..."

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Embattled RGD Group boss speaks after companies slide into administration, vowing to ‘try and get the best’ for creditors.

Construction boss speaks after company collapse

"Well said Mark Forbes. It is incredibly sad to see RGD in this situation. Ron and his family have..."

April 2020

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The LNP president has blasted retired MP Jann Stuckey in an extraordinary newsletter, saying members like her are no longer welcome in the party.

Good riddance: Party boss’s swipe at former MP

"Like with everything, people without all the facts probably shouldn't take sides. "

March 2020

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A MOTEL is offering "isolation packages" to people requiring quarantining during the coronavirus outbreak, in a bid to make up for a massive loss in bookings.

Toowoomba motel offers coronavirus 'isolation packages'

"As one of the owners at the Highlander, just letting you know we're really grateful that readers..."

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