HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Jayden Sivewright celebrates his birthday at Lake Ellen. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Jayden Sivewright celebrates his birthday at Lake Ellen. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail Mike Knott

Zero to 100 happy birthdays

MORE than 100 strangers have banded together to give a young boy the perfect birthday surprise after he felt the hurt of no one showing up to his 12th birthday.

As Jayden Miller walked in to the party, with a string of balloons in hand, his face lit up as people cheered for him and started to sing happy birthday.

The party was held at Lake Ellen and it was everything you could imagine a party would be with balloons, cakes, games and face painting all provided free by the community.

"This is amazing - really mind blowing," Jayden said.

His mother, Kylie Sivewright, took to Facebook last week to vent her disappointment after parents of the Avoca State School children didn't RSVP to her son's birthday and no one turned up to celebrate with the youngster.

Ms Sivewright said Jayden was heartbroken as it was to be his first ever birthday party and she had arranged for the children to meet at the cinema and had paid for food and movie tickets.

The post went viral and thanks to a group of Bundaberg residents who decided to throw a party for the youngster Lake Ellen was alive with laughter and smiles yesterday.

Party organiser Katrina Ashmore said she saw the post and knew she had to do something.

She said she heard Jayden only knew two of the children who had turned up and was amazed at the support from complete strangers.

Jayden's nanna Carol Thompson, holding back tears, said she was speechless and overwhelmed by the turn-out.

"There are so many people," Ms Thompson said.

"I can't believe the kindness from the community, and everyone's generosity - so much kindness in their hearts."

Not only did local families turn out to help celebrate but businesses from around the region also jumped on board giving what they could in support.

Sharayah Osborne from Gateau Gallery said she saw the post on Facebook and, knowing the pain of being singled out at school, said she knew she had to turn up in support.

"It really hit my heart as I was bullied at school," Miss Osborne said.

"So I offered to help and have donated cupcakes for today.

"I also brought my five-year-old son, Chase, as it was heart-breaking reading the post and it's not something I would ever want him to go through."

Father-of-three Lee Driver said he was also touched when he heard the story and had taken his nine-year-old son along to help celebrate.

"We have all been there," Mr Driver said.

"It's great to see the big turn-out from the community."

Ms Ashmore said there were games for everyone including parents.

"We have a lolly hunt, the 'bubble gumming cream' game, races, and even the peg games for parents - so fun all round."

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