WHAT YOU SAID: Zero Gladstone representation for cheaper flights

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THE news that not one Gladstone regional representative has made a submission in the Senate's regional airfares inquiry yet has struck a very loud chord with the region's residents.

The inquiry, initiated on November 16, followed the Western Australian Government's own inquiry into WA regional airfares.

But as the February 5 deadline looms, only 24 submissions have so far been published online.

Complaints regarding the cost of flying to Brisbane from Gladstone are not a new issue in town.

Even last year, airfare prices were brought up at the meet the candidates meeting before the state election.

On social media, Peta Marie Pollock joined the discussion and said she could fly to Bali and back for the price of a one-way ticket to Brisbane.

"They (the airlines) would make more money by dropping their prices because more people would be inclined to fly then," she said.

Kristen Cox said she has been so unimpressed with the cost of flights out of Gladstone that she drives to the Sunshine Coast and flies from there. "Flying out of Gladstone is over double the price," she said.

Qantas and Alliance Airlines service Gladstone.

Also fed up, Lynsay Cleary admitted she didn't even bother looking at flights to Brisbane any more because of how unaffordable they were.

But Suzanne Coghlan made an important point and said that the flight costs not only discouraged people to jump on a plane to Gladstone but posed a serious barrier for residents who have to travel to Brisbane in emergency or medical situations.

Jacqui Dempsey claimed during her trips to New Zealand, it was the short one hour flight which amounted to the biggest fees.

"I drive to Rocky now and save hundreds," she said.