Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey.
Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey. mike knott

YOUR SAY: 'Peanuts for Bundy' as readers attack Budget

NEWSMAIL letter writers have aired their support for Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey after he criticised this week's federal Budget, saying there was nothing directly in it for the region.

This prompted a response from Federal Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt.

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Here our letter writers have their say:

Treasurer Scott Morrison.
Treasurer Scott Morrison. DEAN LEWINS

Peanuts for Bundy

CONGRATULATIONS to Mayor Jack Dempsey for speaking out on behalf of Bundaberg on the Federal Budget.

Bundaberg has been neglected by the LNP for way too long.

Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt hasn't delivered anything for this area apart from some minor road works.

We've got the highest youth unemployment rate in the country.

Look at how much money goes into Tasmania and the Northern Territory compared to what we get and it's peanuts here. People don't want welfare or a Cashless Debit Card, they want jobs.

Jack Dempsey has simply told the truth and Keith Pitt and Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett don't like it.


Bundaberg North

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We want leadership

AFTER delivering nothing for Bundaberg , Keith Pitt is even being slammed by our Mayor Jack Dempsey.

I don't care what political party is in power so long as the elected person gets something done for our region. This has not happened for a long time.

The current bloke is constantly waffling on about the hugely unpopular cashless card just to show his bosses down south that he is doing something.

How about he does something that brings something to his electorate.

It's time to start earning the salary along with the multitude of perks and work for us.


Elliott Heads

Nationals MP Keith Pitt.
Nationals MP Keith Pitt. LUKAS COCH

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Mayor backed

MAYOR Jack Dempsey has every right along with the residents of Bundaberg to be angry and disappointed that we were overlooked by the Federal Government in their latest budget.

How is it that the Turnbull Government can find $182 million a year to employ 2200 advisers to advise them where to spend the $3.5 billion a year that they borrow to then give away in foreign aid and yet can't find any money to help the people of Bundaberg stay dry in times of flood.

Is it a case that Keith Pitt didn't put our case forward to the Treasurer for money to help flood proof Bundaberg or is it the case that the Federal Government decided to ignore regional Queensland.

Either way it is not acceptable.

Bundaberg was all but destroyed in the 2011/2013 floods and yet nothing came our way by way of funding to preventing this catastrophic event from happening again.

Our previous State member Ms Donaldson along with the Premier promised to flood proof Bundaberg; she came and went without action.

Now we have Mr Batt who has injected new found energy and enthusiasm into the role of State Member and wants Bundaberg to grow and prosper and has a wish list for those controlling the purse strings.

To clarify the budget, the word Bundaberg was not mentioned once.

Ian Walter Brookfield,

Walker Street

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