TIME TO ACT: A reader asks what the government plans to do about farmers battling drought.
TIME TO ACT: A reader asks what the government plans to do about farmers battling drought.

Help our farmers

WE HAVE all witnessed on TV and in the print media the plight of our farmers and graziers, who are experiencing one of the worst droughts this country has ever seen.

These unfortunate individuals are in many cases being forced to downsize or even totally reduce their livestock and holdings due to the non-existence of food and water for these animals to survive. The stress that this creates on these folk and their relationships is enormous and the financial cost is huge both to them and the country.

What are we doing about trying to help them? Very little.

We can't make it rain, but we can relieve the financial burden placed upon them. I am not talking about loans, which only give partial temporary relief and long-term pain in paying the loans back. What I would suggest is giving them non-repayable grants, the size of which would be regulated by the extent of the damage.

This scheme could be administered by the Federal Government.

Ridiculous, you might say. Too expensive. But if we can find the funds to bring thousands of asylum seekers into the country, and if we can't look after our own hard-working people who controbute to the economy, we have either become a mob of morons or have we become so full of it that we don't really care.

Just down the road we have the second-highest office holder in the country, in Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss, who just also happens to be the parliamentary leader of the Nationals. This party is supposed to represent the country folk.

So, Mr Truss, what are you doing to help these Aussies? Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary action by extraordinary people.



It starts with you

I SEE Treasurer Scott Morrison has set himself the task of convincing ordinary Australians we need tax reform.

I fully understand the closure of some medical overuse loopholes. But the over-50s are high up on his list.

Why? Because the budget needs more cash injected into it.

I note that the members of the Federal Government - both senators and MPs - are the leaders of our fine country.

And as leaders, I would have thought the members of both houses would lead from the front in times of fiscal difficulties.

But no, they would rather "stick it to the older generation".

If the honourable members really wanted to help, lead from the front. My suggestion is that each politician sacrifice $20,000 per year to help a struggling nation.

With 226 parliamentarians, their contribution to help our government would amount to $4.52 million. Over three years the total would be $13.56 million. Not a trival sum.

Considering their salaries, $20,000 a year is nothing. But to lead from the front takes "intestinal fortitude", so all of this is only a dream.



Out of touch

MALCOLM Turnbull, good on you for wanting to look after the Australian people who voted you in (that's right, we didn't ) by failing to assist us in payments of colonoscopy tests, bone density tests and lower back pain treatment.

Colonoscopy tests? Who needs them? Just wait until you get signs of cancer, then hope it's not too late.

Bone density tests? Who needs them? Only old people, but we have no old people in Australia.

Lower back pain? Who has that trouble? Probably only half the country at some time or another.

It's all about cost cutting, I can see that, but why not get these big companies to start paying tax? Why not tighten your belts and lead by example?

Do we need all these positions that get a very handsome salary that they hardly have to touch because of all their lurks and perks, not like most Australians who live from week to week all their lives?

And paying for top pollies after they leave office is just a joke. Yes, maybe if they get in for a third term, which would mean they have the country behind them.

They are all out of touch with the working class.




Thanks for honesty

MY WIFE and I would like to thank the kind person who found our $50 note in the Coles self-serve checkout that we had forgotten to pick up.

They gave it to one of the checkout girls, who phoned us to let us know after we had inquired about it.

It makes you happy to think how many nice honest folk there are in Bundaberg.



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