PREGGERS: Pregnant woman have caused Jarrod Edwards some issues.
PREGGERS: Pregnant woman have caused Jarrod Edwards some issues. Jupiterimages

'You know a lot of pregnant women' magistrate tells man

TEEN driver Jarrod Edwards has a few female friends who are pregnant - an issue noted by a Bundaberg magistrate when Edwards went before him charged over two disqualified driving offences.

In both matters Edwards told the court he was helping two female friends - both pregnant.

Edwards, 18, a chippie, pleaded guilty to driving when disqualified by a court order at 12.20pm on October 14 at Goodna and driving when disqualified by court order at Bundaberg on November 10.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland said Edwards was disqualified by an Ipswich court for three months from September 26.

In the first offence, Edwards at first denied being the driver, then could not produce a licence, telling police he believed he had a provisional licence.

Then he said he was taking his friend to the doctor because she was pregnant.

Snr Cnst Bland said it was his third unlicensed driving offence in five years.

In court, Edwards said in the first offence his friend was drunk at a party and passed out and wanted him to drive.

She had since told him she would pay his fine as it was "her fault”.

He said the offence in Bundaberg happened when was helping out another pregnant friend, "my best mate's girlfriend, she needed a lift”.

"He was drinking, she was just begging and begging me”.

He said police immediately confiscated the rego plates from the car for 90 days - it was his mate's car.

Edwards said he'd moved to Bundaberg with his pregnant girlfriend.

"You know a lot of pregnant women,” magistrate Neil Lavaring noted.

Edwards had been due to get his licence back on Christmas Day but is now off the road for four years.

He was disqualified for two years on each offence and fined $2000 - sent to SPER.