EVOLVING MEDITATION: Keith Armstrong and Lawrence English in the Vault at BRAG.
EVOLVING MEDITATION: Keith Armstrong and Lawrence English in the Vault at BRAG. Mike Knott BUNTEMPORAL

Artwork is out of the world

YOU feel like you've entered an alien world as soon as you step into the darkened space at the Vault within the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery.

Yet somehow there is something familiar about the immersive environment that has been created for the latest exhibit, called Temporal.

That is precisely the reaction experimental artists Keith Armstrong and Lawrence English, want from local audiences - an opportunity for them to engage with the work both emotionally and viscerally.

"On a quick visit audiences can expect an array of evocative projected light and sound, which might bring to mind aspects of the Bundaberg they know, albeit elements that might seem somehow distant, slightly unfamiliar or refocused," Armstrong said.

English said he arrived in Bundaberg in December last year to record sounds unique to the region.

"I was looking for sounds that are indicative of what summers are like here," he said.

"The easiest example is cicadas which are incredibly seasonal. There are varieties of cicadas here that aren't anywhere else."

English said he tried to explore the notion that we filter out sounds rather than listen to them.

"There are certain sounds that give you a connection to the land and I was trying to find those sounds,' he said.

"You and I might listen to the same sound and hear something completely different then create your own narrative."

Armstrong said ultimately Temporal was about time and season and about how disruptions to these phenomena might be expressed.

"I've taken some organic seasonal materials from Bundaberg," he said.

"On the floor, I've looked at them in a microscopic way so they become alien landscapes you move over.

"On the wall we are using light projected through organic materials to create three-dimensional images."

The work completes a two-year long project of dynamic mediated installations presented in Sydney, Beijing, Cairns and Bundanoon, with Bundaberg being the last iteration.

Temporal is on show until March 22.

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