WRATH LANDS CHAMPS BLOW: Gains bronze at champs

FIGHT OF HIS LIFE: Wrath Schulz won bronze at the recent Muay Thai champs in Thailand.
FIGHT OF HIS LIFE: Wrath Schulz won bronze at the recent Muay Thai champs in Thailand. Mike Knott BUN070917WRATH3

KICKBOXING: Bundaberg's Wrath Schulz would have laughed at you if you said one week before the Muay Thai world youth championships that he would win a bronze medal.

Before heading to Bangkok for the event Schulz re-injured his ankle during a normal training session. Having been in doubt, Schulz showed his true fighting spirit and braved injury and the Thailand heat to win bronze in the 84kg class.

Schulz defeated an Austrian opponent before losing to a Turkish fighter to claim third place.

"I got a few elbows to the face and because of the blood rule the fight was stopped,” he said.

"It was an amazing experience over there.

"I am extremely proud of what I did, considering what happened.”

Schulz explained what he had to do to make sure his ankle was right.

"I focused on it constantly,” he said.

"If that went again it would be game over,” he said.

"I had an Australian coach and he did daily treatment including dry needling.

"It held up and did the job.”

He also had to battle oppressive heat in Thailand.

"It took a couple of days before I was used to it,” he revealed.

"You can't push yourself to the limits if you can't breathe properly and you are overheating it can be over before it began.

"Bundaberg certainly helped me and it would have been far worse if I had have come from somewhere else.”

Schulz has no regrets about the trip.

"It was a privilege to go over and represent the green and gold,” he said.

"I'm constantly proud of putting it on.

"Many people helped us along the way, to everyone single one of them it is their victory as much as mine.”

Wrath will now focus on competing at the end of the year before his next goal: "The adult and open's world championships are on next year.”

"If I'm ready I'm going. Once you've been to something like this you want to go again.”