Works to start on ferry pontoon

THE struggling Bundaberg Ferry Company has been offered a small reprieve of having its monthly ticket office rental waived until it is back on its feet.

The assistance came from Bundaberg Regional Council on the day when construction was to begin reinstalling the commercial pontoon in the Burnett River, which has been out of action for the past nine months since the floods.

Councillor Lynne Forgan said repairs were meant to start on Monday, but Marine Constructions, the company carrying out the work, were held up finishing another job.

The ferry company had been using the public pontoon since the floods completely destroyed the one which the Burnett Queen and the Bundy Belle boats operated from.

Cr Forgan said the pile drilling would begin today and the pontoon should be installed in the next four weeks.

After the drilling, a polyethelyene sleeve will be slid into position over the piles and the head stock for the fixed section of the gangway will be positioned.

"The next job is to crane the fixed section of the gangway into position," she said.

"The large pontoon then needs to be transported to the port and craned into the river where it shall be floated upstream and locked into position on the two new piles."

The decision to waive the monthly rental fee of $378.20 for the use of the ticket office in the Riverside Parklands on Quay St was made during the council's general meeting at Tegege Hall yesterday.

Cr Forgan said the council had been approached for assistance by the ferry company's owners, who asked for the waived fee to be backdated to May this year.

"It was a request from them because of their situation," she said.

"(Since the floods) they haven't had appropriate berthing facilities.

Bundaberg Ferry Company owner Lisa Lockley welcomed the council's assistance.

"I appreciate the council's support in these difficult times," she said.

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