ON THE GREEN: Welcome to the Isis Golf Club.
ON THE GREEN: Welcome to the Isis Golf Club. Jodie Dixon

Bowls and golf result for the Isis region



Results: Games played Tues 13 Oct- G. Summers, B. Gibson def R. Clements, K. Murphy 23-18. D. Saunders, P. Mete def M. Bolderson, A. Ritchie 24-10.

L. Ackroyd/K. Burton, R. Saunders, J. Daniels def D. Newton, B. McKenzie, D. Haley 28-11. Thursday, October 15 - No Bowls because of Rain.

Sunday 18th Trip to Boonooroo B.C cancelled. Games played at Isis. G. Green, B. Cowen def M. Green, D. Pratt 39-12. E. Dickenson,

L. Hesse def R. Dickenson, R. Linton 30-17. L. Grant, B. Hesse, P. Mete def L. Grant, J. Carruthers, D. Haley 20-17.

Isis Ladies Bowls note. Nominations are now open for Championship Fours and will close and be drawn after bowls November 12.

First round will be played 19th November. Ladies the sheet for your Nominations is on the notice board so please get your teams together.

Championship games for the men. Singles, names to be in by November 15, first round to be played from December 6.

Championship Pairs games for Men - Names to be in by November 29.

First rounds to be played from December 20. Names in the book please.


Ladies Social.

D. Hume, Y. Ellis def D. Nelson, N. Mickle. 21 - 15.

C. Cayley, W. Reeves, G. Newby def L. Cosgrove, M. Ibbertson, A. Van Der Loos. 16 - 15.

D. Whiley, R. Bishop, K. Henderson def B. Thompson/J. West, C. Hoffman, Y. Turner. 19 - 17.

Wednesday, October 14:

Men's Social.

L. Bretnell, W. Galway, M. Strano def K. Ellis, J. Turner, B. Gibson. 22 - 19.

J. Daniels, K. Geaney, C. Ensbey def N. Tucker, R. Everett, B. Hookes. 26 - 23.

Jesse, N. Blair, R. Bunn def P. Walkington, G. Loydell, P. West. 25 - 7.

E. Giddins, E. Soesman, G. Madsen def J. Neels, A. McKinnon, D. Ferrier. 20 - 15.

T. Treichel, S. Boundy def P. Williams, G. Bishop. 27 - 16.

R. Hill, A. Essery, W. McUtchen def N. Loder, P. Nelson, I. Reidy. 33 - 17.

J. Reeves, B. Cayley, , R. Hoffman def L. Hayden, R. Cauchi, G. Haynes. 21 - 13.

D. Hume, J. Halpin, B. Toby def P. Marshall, J. Johnson, R. Ridyard. 22 - 16.

Thursday, October 15:

Jackpot Triples.

D. Ensbey, J. New def K. Geaney, R. Weir. 20 - 13.

C. Geaney, L. Mattson, R. Cosgrove def D. Whiley, A. McKinnon, M. Van Der Loos. 24 - 20.

N. Loder, M. Newell, B. Simmonds def N. Neels, J. Neels, B. Cayley. 18 - 16.

K. Simmonds, G. Bond, D. Mann def C. Cayley, L. Cosgrove, C. Newell. 14 all on ends won.

Friday, October 16:

Two Bowl Pairs.

G. Denning, K. Self def C. Toft, G. Ostrofski. 18 - 14.

T. Artvicson, W. Nelson def T. Leggio, P. Pershouse. 20 - 19.

R. Cosgrove, P. Alder def J. New, R. Weir. 19 - 15.

J. Haplin, P. Marshall def G. Chattin, B. Cayley. 26 - 20.

A. Warner, N. Cullen def G. Rosmalen, K. Ellis. 19 - 14.

J. Meyers, D. Redman def G. Buffier, K. Diplock. 17 - 16.

L. Hannah, R. Hannah def D. Harvey, K. Harvey. 22 - 16.

T. May, B. Crowle def P. Moar, R. Heathwood. 23 - 12.

Saturday, October 17and Sunday, October 18.



October 18 - Stroke and Putt-Front Nine

This saw 23 players line up in perfect weather for golf although the breeze strengthened during the morning.

The winner today was Ross Nicols on 30 and allowing the handicapper to dock him 3.5 points.

Second on a countback with 31 was Hoss Eberl who lost 2.4 and third was Len (I never win anything) .

Stallard and he managed to lose more points than the second place getter with 2.5 to the cheers of the members, a tough crowd to please.

The B-grade Approach on the 1st was won by Peter Macauley who also won the Combined Nearest the Pin on the 6th.

The A-grade Longest Drive was won by Paul McCarragher, not a great feat of golf as he was the only A-grader in the field, but the rest of his score was dismal to say the least.

The B-grade Longest Drive was won by Terry Smallman with a great shot. Adam Smith won the Combined Nearest the Pin on the 4th and also cut the Golden Circle down to 2.55m. The Least Putts was won by Ed Connell with 11.

Next week we will play 18 holes at Hervey Bay Golf Course teeing off at 8.30am so be there about 8am to allow time to do the cards and get the bags onto the buggies.

The meal will be served after the game in the club house. Because its 18 holes please keep the game flowing as we all need to finish close together.

Have a great week and see you on Sunday at 8am at Hervey Bay.

The Isis Vets sponsored the single stableford competition for members on Saturday, with many players enjoying the conditions.

Phil Luckett led the way with a great 43 points from Peter Hutton on 39, second on a countback from Curtis Fredriksen, with the next three players all on 38 points.

Roger Draper led the group, on a countback from Terry Smallman, also next on a countback from Craig Reynolds. Adrian Martin (37) and Nigel Radin (36) completed the rundowns.

Craig Reynolds (8.3m) won the A Division pinshot on 1&10 and Curtis Fredriksen (2.06m) the B Division approach. On 4&13, Kev Savage (0.001m) won the A Division pinshot.

This Saturday the club is sponsoring a single stroke competition.


Members enjoyed the change to a 2-Person Ambrose on Thursday, with Joan Wright winning the stableford competition, recording 33 points. They also won the approach shot, their approach the hole.

Six ladies played in the Bargara 3 day Classic, with Joan Kelly finishing in 5th place in the 3rd Division net competition.

Margaret Dennett recorded 40 points to win the Ladies' stableford on Thursday. Lisa Cooney was runner-up with 36 points. Joan Wright won the ladies' approach, her second shot 3.31m from the hole.

This Thursday members will play in a single stableford competition.

On Saturday members played a single stableford competition sponsored by the Isis Vets with Lisa Cooney recording 38 points to win from

Cynthia draper on 36 points, with Joan Kelly winning a rundown on 34 points, on a countback from Monica Madsen. Cynthia (0.69m) also won the ladies' approach.

This Saturday we play in a club sponsored single stroke competition.


This week again some players relished the easy (for some) golfing conditions in the Ian and Jen McKay sponsored VIP stroke competition and the final round for the Jan Mungomery Salver.

In the Ladies' competition Lisa Cooney scored a net 66 to win from Helen Ricciardi on 69, second on a countback from Joan Wright.

Rusty Usmar won B Division with 71 net from Charles Livick on 76 with Roger Draper third on 79 - B Division players were not in the same space as the Ladies and A Division players.

Kev Savage recorded his best score for some time, with a net 66 ahead of Bill Cowan on 67, with Bill Herring third with 69 on a countback from Ray Walker.

Kev Savage (in the hole) won the Men's approach on 1&10; Rusty Usmar (in the hole) won the Combined approach on 4&13; Val Plath (0.13m) the Ladies' approach on 6&15.

Lisa and Rusty (net 30) led the Chook Run winners from Terry Smallman (31) and Joan Wright, Joy Cartner, Helen Ricciardi (32) on a spin.

Many thanks to the McKay pair and their friends.

Next week is a proposed four ball best ball choose your own partner.


The Woodgate Invitation Fours 2015 played over the weekend was a great success attracting 32 teams.

Local players Greg Silverthorne and Ross Phillips runners-up and Brian and Daniel Mann third place

combined with players from other clubs for a great weekend and share some of the spoils.

At the end of two days of bowls only two teams won all five games played.

Overall Winners. Skip Mick Tobin, Third Tony Townson, Second Glen Ostrofski, Lead Chris Toft. 10 plus 72.

Runners Up. Skip Warren Wilson, Third Ross Phillips, Second Greg Silverthorne, Lead Gary Bryant. 10 plus 45.

Third. Skip Trent Smalley, Third Bob Neilson, Second Daniel Mann, Lead Brian Mann. 8 plus 40.

Fourth. Skip Scott Gregory 8 plus 37. Fifth. Skip Paul Bianchi 8 plus 26. Sixth. Skip Barry Woodall 8 plus 24.

Seventh. Skip Peter Johnson 7 plus 35. Eighth. Phil Alder 7 plus 10.

Winner day 1 Ray Whittaker, Day 2 Darren McCracken.

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