Knife wielding woman faces charges

AN east Bundaberg woman who took a knife into the centre of Bundaberg looking for a man faced a domestic violence order breach in court yesterday.

She also faced charges of possessing a knife in public and obstructing a police officer.

The 29-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was drinking with the man when an altercation occurred on November 29 and he took off.

The court was told the defendant took a kitchen knife and then caught a taxi into Bundaberg.

Police arrested her on Bourbong Street and the defendant said she was looking for the man.

Defence barrister Simon Burgess said his client had been subjected to name-calling and other abusive practices.

“(The woman) has been pushed and pushed and (the defendant) decided to fight back this time,” Mr Burgess said.

Magistrate Neil Lavaring said the defendant’s appearance before the court meant she had also breached her probation.

The magistrate re-sentenced the woman to jail time for her probation breach offences.

He also convicted her to 12 months in prison for breaching the domestic violence order.

But he granted her immediate parole.

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