Woman arrested after court run

A WOMAN who ignored directions to stay at court on Tuesday was arrested yesterday and brought before the same magistrate who told her not to leave.

Naomi Kunze, 31, of Moore Park, was charged with two counts of unlicensed driving 10 days apart in March and April. She adjourned her mentions several times and the prosecution decided enough was enough on Tuesday.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens opposed another adjournment, saying the woman should be remanded in custody so she would prioritise the matter.

Magistrate Jennifer Batts allowed the woman a short adjournment to call her legal representation but said not to leave the court precinct.

Kunze disappeared from Bundaberg Magistrates Court and did not notify anyone she was leaving, so an arrest warrant was issued.

Police spotted Kunze about 8.10am yesterday as a passenger in a vehicle. Sgt Stevens said she attempted to hide by ducking under the dashboard but police arrested and charged her with failing to appear.

Kunze was brought before Ms Batts at 2pm and sat with her arms crossed throughout the proceedings.

Sgt Stevens said the defendant, who pleaded guilty to all charges, was caught driving without a licence on March 23 at 8.50am.

“Police intercepted the defendant driving an unregistered vehicle and she admitted she had been disqualified from driving for two months,” Sgt Stevens said.

Ten days later about 1pm, police caught Kunze driving unlicensed again.

Duty Lawyer Thomas Bray said his client was a mother of two and felt “she was under a significant threat from a person” which caused her to drive on one of the occasions.

Mr Bray said Kunze made full admissions to police.

Ms Batts sentenced Kunze to 14 months probation and fined her $180 for failing to appear and $180 for breaching probation.

“Yesterday this court made it very plain you were to ring and return,” Ms Batts said.

Kunze burst into tears when Ms Batts told her she would lose her licence for a total of four years for the two driving offences.

“You must not repeat this offence. People do go to jail for it, as you may have seen yesterday. It is a very serious matter indeed.”

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