The Zoo Restaurant.
The Zoo Restaurant.

Mum tells of job loss after Bundy restaurant closure

A BUNDABERG mum has been left unemployed after a popular restaurant shut its doors unexpectedly.

Mellisah Smith, 35, worked at the Zoo Restaurant and Bar as a supervisor/waitress until last Friday when she received the shocking news that the business would close.

Mrs Smith said she had heard about a week before Christmas that the owners would be selling the business, but would remain open the new owners took over.

Unfortunately, because of staff unavailability at the restaurant, Mrs Smith said the owners decided to close sooner.

On a Facebook post on Australia Day, Zoo Restaurant wrote: "To all our lovely customers, Zoo Restaurant will be closed for the time being as we are in the process of selling the restaurant to new owners. We appreciate your patience during this time of transition, and we hope you show the new owners the same support that you have shown us once they are up and running."

"It's really hard," Mrs Smith said.

"I have holidays booked for March so it's hard to start a new job and say I've got 10 days off in March."

Mrs Smith has worked in hospitality all her life.

"I love being around food and people," she said.

Mrs Smith believed being a gluten free restaurant had its pros and cons.

"Some weeks we were busy and other weeks were dead quiet," she said.

Despite the region holding one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Mrs Smith is optimistic of her chances of securing work.

"I'll find something," she said.

"My boss has told me that he has let the new owners know that they can take me on.

"But it's all up in the air."

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