Woman leaves kids to tail husband

A WOMAN left her three young children home alone while she trailed her husband to see if he was having an affair, a court was told.

Bundaberg Magistrates Court was told the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pursued her husband across town on May 17.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Robyn Shapcott said the defendant’s husband noticed he was being followed and pulled his car over to take a call.

The woman approached her husband’s car and began yelling abuse at him, accusing him of talking to another woman before punching him through the window and trying to take his phone.

A struggle ensued before the man was able to drive away again.

The defendant, who is the respondent in a domestic violence order, followed her husband and screamed abuse at him when he stopped to take another call.

Sgt Shapcott said the victim went to the Bundaberg Police Station to get help, but his wife followed him, continuing to abuse and struggle with him.

When police tried to move her away from the victim, she clung to a door and kept yelling.

Officers interviewed the woman, who admitted she had left her children, aged two, four and eight, at home while she followed her husband.

She also admitted to leaving them once before to go to the grocery store for 20 minutes and returned to find them on the road.

The defendant pleaded guilty to eight charges including obstructing police, breaching an order and five charges of leaving a child under 12 unattended.

Defence lawyer Kel Pearson said his client had moved to Australia from Papua New Guinea in 2005 and was still learning the laws and customs.

“My client is a fairly uncomplicated person and not too sure of the way the system works,” Mr Pearson told the court.

“She has no criminal history and is very remorseful.”

Mr Pearson said children were looked after by the community in the defendant’s home country.

“She has certainly realised now that children left alone in Australia aren’t as safe as they would be in Papua New Guinea,” he said.

The woman was given a six-month probation order.

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