Woman dobs disqualified motorist

A WOMAN interrupted a disqualified driver’s court hearing to tell a magistrate the man drove every day in contravention of the law.

John Galea, of Woodgate Beach, had pleaded guilty in Childers Magistrates Court to two charges of disqualified driving and two charges of stealing.

For the second of the disqualified-driving charges the defendant was handed a three-month jail sentence.

Police prosecutor Robyn Shapcott told the court officers went to Galea’s home on June 3 to interview him in relation to the stealing charges.

While they were there, he also admitted having been disqualified from driving in Victoria, but driving in Woodgate that day.

Sgt Shapcott said Galea then drove to the police station the following day to comply with a direction, which resulted in a second disqualified-driving charge.

Asked by Magistrate John Smith why he drove to the station, Galea told the court he had no other way of getting there.

During the proceedings, a woman from the gallery requested Mr Smith’s permission to speak and then told the court Galea drove in Woodgate every day.

After deliberating on the submissions before him, Mr Smith told Galea his was a paltry excuse.

“You’ve brazenly driven in contravention of a court order,” Mr Smith said.

In addition to the imprisonment on the second charge, he was convicted and fined $1200 in relation to the offence committed on June 3.

He was also disqualified from driving for four years on each charge.

In relation to the stealing charges, Sgt Shapcott told the court that on two occasions in May, Galea had been recorded on a security camera removing fishing equipment from the Woodgate General Store.

The first time he placed some lures in a rolled-up magazine, while on the second he concealed some lures and line down his pants.

Galea offered the court the excuse he was heavily intoxicated both times.

“Drink is no excuse,” Mr Smith said.

“You live in a small community then you’re branded a thief.”

He convicted and fined Galea $300 for the first offence and $350 for the second.

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