Karaoke brawl tops violent history

A DISPUTE over karaoke led a drunken woman on a violent rampage in which she punched, scratched and kicked four people, a court was told.

Sherie-Marie Terare, 25, was drinking at the Young Aussie Hotel on May 22, 2009, where she was yelling abuse at people singing karaoke.

Prosecutor Michael Cowen told Bundaberg District Court that Terare’s swearing was irritating fellow punters, who asked her to keep it down.

Taking exception to this, Terare later walked over to one of the women organising the karaoke night and told her: “I’m gonna knock you out.”

She punched the woman in the face and walked out with the victim’s handbag.

A man tried to stop Terare, but copped scratches to his face in return.

“The defendant then went to the car park, where she remained vocal and abusive,” Mr Cowen said.

He said a man tried to restrain Terare, but she broke free and punched a bystander.

The bystander’s friend then wrestled her to the ground and held her legs, but she kicked him in the face.

“The defendant has a significant history of violence,” the prosecutor said.

The court was told that on February 10 this year, Terare and a co-offender went to a woman’s home and accused her of text messaging Terare’s boyfriend.

The defendant punched the woman in the head twice and, when the victim’s daughter ran out to defend her, Terare’s co-offender grabbed the girl and held her down while Terare continued to assault her mother.

When Terare and her friend left, the victim’s 18-year-old daughter began to chase them and a witness to the attack picked her up and drove her to where the two assailants had fled.

The teenager went into the house and asked Terare her name, but instead Terare punched her in the face.

The 18-year-old tried to defend herself but fell to the ground, where Terare “stomped on her face three or four times”.

Barrister Julie Sharp said the 200 days her client had spent in custody since the February attacks had been beneficial.

“She presents as an articulate woman who could contribute to the community if she is able to get her alcohol problem under control,” Ms Sharp said.

“There is no doubt she has an unenviable criminal history for such a young woman.”

Terare sat stony-faced in the docks for much of the sentence, but Judge Nicholas Samios’s remarks about her children brought her to tears.

“You have two young children and you will have to do something about curbing your violent nature or (they) will grow up having to visit you in jail,” he said.

Terare pleaded guilty to three charges of common assault, stealing, assault causing bodily harm in company, assault causing bodily harm and public nuisance.

She was sentenced to 18 months’ jail, with immediate parole due to the time already served.

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