Isis bowls and golf notes


RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tuesday, June 16 - B. Cowan, D. Jones def D. Haeusler, B. Gibson 31-11; R. Saunders, D. Haley, K. Burton def D. Saunders, M. Bolderson, L. Ackroyd 16-13.

Thursday, June 18 - D. Haley, R. Zimitat def M. Green, J. West 19-18. Betsy, Joy, Carol def Betsy, Joan, Keith 21-14; Nola, Bill def Lisa, Bob 25-18.

Sunday, June 21, Isis bowlers visited Burgowan bowls club playing for the Harmony Trophies.

The host club was too good for us on the day reclaiming the trophies.

There were some good bowls played on the day with our bowlers enjoying the great hospitality of the Burgowan bowlers.

Winners on the day - Isis club - R. Dickenson, M. Styles, R. Linton & R. Zimitat.

Burgowan club - J. Wohleser, B. Darcy & R and C Haaksma. Burgowan visit us on November 1, 2015.

Competition games to be played today, June 25 - Mixed Consistency Singles: B. McKenzie v C. Bolderson; P. Jackson v K. Vandermaal. Markers will be announced on the day.

Competition to be played July 2 - Mixed Consistency Singles: G. Daw v M. Bolderson. Plus winners of games played June 25.

Markers will be the defeated players.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tuesday, June 16 - Final Ladies' Open Fours: R. Bishop, Z. Watson, K. Henderson, H. Haeusler def L. Mattson, A. Winzar, J. Mewett, Y. Ellis 17 - 16.

Ladies' Triples Rotating Ends: V. Bird, G. Morris, C. Firth def A. Marshall, J. Kirby, A. Van Der Loos 28 - 14; J. Gibson, G. Lenz, D. Ensbey def S. Weir, R. Gould, S. Loydell 23 - 20; S. Ormerod, C. Crump, E. Anderson def A. Sleep, M. Ibbertson, P. Fraser/Aurish 28 - 11.

Wednesday, June 17- Men's Social. Games called off due to rain.

Thursday, June 18 - Twilight Jackpot Mixed Social: D. Ensbey, I. Reidy def Rob Gould, A. Campbell 26 - 10; Rhonda Gould, J. Mewett, P. Fraser/Aurisch def K. Aurisch, K. Ellis, G. Poulton 27 - 13; M. Boundy, C. Ormerod, G. Summers def N. Loder, J. Kirby, E. Anderson 17 - 15; Z. Cook, J. McDonald, S. Boundy def D. Brettell, C. Ensbey, A. Essery 17 - 16; P. Mullins, J. Darling, I. Kirby def A. Sleep, L. Mattson, G. Poulton 17 - 14; S. Ormerod, R. Weir, W. Galway def O. Cook, G. Galloway, R. Love 27 - 10; L. Brettell, G. Morris, C. Firth def K. Sleep, P. Anderson, M. Wilson 28 - 17.

Friday, June 19 - Brian's Chicken Run: G. Madsen, M. Strano def J. Gridland, B. Mann 32 - 16; G. Ibbertson, G. Summers def B. Gibson, R. Winzar 24 - 23; P. Mullins, Paul L def N. Blair, R. Royan 18 - 16; E. Anderson, P. Anderson def R. Gould, G. Poulton 32 - 15; C. Crump, I. Crump def J. Brooks, W. Nelson 38 - 20; E. Cameron, P. Blank def J. McDonald, M. Van Der Loos 32 - 20; C. Overall, D. Haeusler def J. Stephens, K. Geaney 23 - 22.

Saturday, June 20 - Jackpot Mixed Pairs: J. Johnson, B. Mann def E. McCaffrey, R. Bishop 27 - 14; I. Bryant, J. MacDonald def P. Fraser/Aurisch, K. Aurisch 25 - 14; W. McUtchen, A. Essery def A. Griffiths, G. Bishop 25 - 22; K. Ellis, M. Strano def G. Weir, G. Summers 26 - 17; L. Mattson, R. Royan def G. Mewett, J. Mewett 25 - 14.

Sunday, June 21 - Mixed Social: J. Brooks, K. Ellis, A. Campbell def S. Ormerod, G. Newby, D. Ensbey 22 - 20; P. Walkington, J. Keller, I. Kirby def A. Sleep, J. Kirby, Y. Ellis 21 all on ends won; O. Cook, R. Bishop, G. Weir def Jesse, K. Sleep, E. McCaffrey 21 - 17; C. Ormerod, S. Weir, W. Nelson def Z. Cook, C. Ormerod, J. Mewett 30 - 12; C. Ensbey, R. Byrnes def R. Newton, J. MacDonald 25 - 16; G. Bishop, G. Mewett def I. Crump, C. Crump 24 - 14.



A COOL start to the jointly sponsored Childers Social and Isis Golf Clubs' two-person Ambrose, with the breeze dropping later and a warm afternoon making the round very pleasant indeed, particularly for some.

Nigel Radin and Neil Rieck recorded nett 64¾ to win from John Hinton and Brett Martell on 67½, with Bill Herring and Craig Reynolds third on 68¼.

Bill and Craig won the approach on 1&10 and Nigel and Neil on 4&13 - the rest of us lamenting lost chances.

Next Saturday the Foursomes Championships for both men and women will be played, with a special hit-off time of 11.00am.

Please bring a plate for an after-game snack.


VICKI Wyeth won the 3-club stableford competition held on Thursday with 25 points from Kerry Schnack on 23 points.

Next week we play a single stableford again at the usual hit-off time.

On Saturday members played with the men in the 2-person Ambrose sponsored by both the Social and Isis Golf Clubs - without success.

This Saturday we play for the Foursomes Championship - hope all eligible teams are entered.

Remember the special hit-off time of 11.00am.

Please bring a plate for an after-game snack.


ON A very unsettled Tuesday afternoon, the Vets hit off in a single stableford competition, with a number pulling out after a brief but heavy shower.

The remainder battled on, with Nigel Radin on 35 points winning A Division in a countback from two others, Larry Pershouse second from Kev Savage placed third.

In B Division Ken Albion recorded his best score for many months, winning with 41 points from Cecily Fay, second on 34 and Bob Werne third on 33 points.

The approach winners were: Keith Rule (0.58m) for the men on 1&10; Marg Dennett (0.31) for the ladies on 6&15; and Mark Tedge (0.09m) to win the combined approach on 4&13.

Marg Dennett led the Chook Run winners with 31 nett from Ken Albion also on 31, from Phil Luckett (33), Keith Rune, Jennifer McKay and Bob Werne (34).

This Saturday the Captain has chosen a single stroke competition for members. See you there for the noon hit-off.


FINALLY found the culprit who forgot to fill in their card causing me to think I was losing it, 20 people and 19 cards.

When you arrive please pay for the day and then fill your card in and if travelling in a buggy staple the two cards together.

Anyway enough gripes as today we played a Mulligan where the players got a free shot on every hole to fix shots they has messed up.

With that in mind I expected scores in the mid to low 20s, but the players, or the majority of them must have been playing a different game.

The only person to break 30 was Hoss Eberl who managed a 26 and lost 1.5 off his handicap.

Col Dennett and Stuart Aitchison managed 31 with Col coming second on a countback and losing 1.0 and Stuart losing 0.5.

Hoss made a day of it taking out the B-grade Approach on the 10th and the Men's Approach on the 15th and Col also managed two extra prizes taking out the A-grade Longest Drive and the Combined Nearest the Pin on the 13th with the only outsider being Paul McCarragher who took out the B-grade Longest Drive.

The Golden Circle is still only 4m and next week is the last chance to take it out so let's put a ball on the 4th close to the pin and take out a great prize.

Next week we will play a Single Stableford over the Front Nine with the usual Brekkie in the morning.

I will also be looking at other golf courses for our next away game with several being mentioned by the members.

I should have a definite answer within two weeks.

Have a great week and see you next Sunday and happy birthday for last week to Adam who turned the big 50, congrats from, all the members.

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