Wide Bay does well at state titles

CRICKET: Wide Bay performed mostly well at the Queensland Junior Cricket State Championships throughout the state last week, with four of their five teams finishing in the top six.

The under-16 titles were played at the Brisbane Grammar School, with U-15 in Rockhampton, U-14 in Mackay, U-13 in Southport and U-12 at Tingalpa.

Wide Bay achieved its best result in U-15, placing third of the 12 zones behind South east Queensland (SEQ) and North Queensland, while their U-13 and U-12 sides both placed fifth behind Brisbane North and BEARS (Bayside, East and Redlands) respectively.

The U-16 Bay team wound up sixth behind Gold Coast but after starting with a win, their U-14 team lost their remaining four games to end up in 11th position.

After the U-16 carnival, Bundaberg's Australian schools representative Matt Fulton and Dean Krebs and Gympie's Carlin Anderson were each rewarded with places in the Queensland age team.

Fulton topped the batting aggregates for the tournament with 208 runs at an average of 52, while Krebs jointly headed the bowling aggregates with Travis Argoon, of Far North, each with 15, but he headed the averages with a frugal 7.00 and a best of 6-15 against North Queensland.

Another Bundaberg player, Scott Armstrong, also had a good carnival, being consistently among the wickets and making a few handy contributions with the bat.

In U-15, Bundaberg's Hayden Herbert finished fourth in the batting aggregates with 124 at an average of 41.33, while his Brothers club-mate Pat Turner was equal-seventh in the bowling with eight wickets at 9.13.

But Holly Ferling, of South Burnett, was Wide Bay's most successful bowler, placing equal-third on the list with nine scalps at a cost of 10.89 apiece.

Jarrod Darrach, of Gympie, had an outstanding tournament for Wide Bay, topping the bowling aggregates with 15 wickets at an average of 7.67 and top scoring in two of their matches.

Jayden Grogan was the best of the Bundaberg contingent with a team carnival high unconquered 61 and a three-wicket haul in one game.

His YMCA club-mate Kye Leggett was a shining light for Wide Bay in U-13, being the fourth highest scorer across all teams with 129 runs at an average of 43.0 and the equal-12th top wicket taker with eight at a cost of 13.5 apiece.

Harry Neubecker, also of YMCA, was one of Wide Bay's most successful players in U-12, finishing equal-12th in the bowling department, striking nine times at a cost of 7.89 per wicket and with a decisive 4-27 in a famous win against Brisbane North Maroon.

U-16: Wide Bay 191 (Matt Fulton 90) d North Queensland 118 (Dean Krebs 10.5-3-15-6, Scott Armstrong 6-0-23-2, Carlin Anderson 11-4-26-2); Darling Downs 9-213 (Krebs 11-2-33-3, Josh Gale 6-0-25-2, Armstrong 11-0-46-2) d Wide Bay 140 (Tom Patton 44, Liam O'Brien 26, Armstrong 23); T20: Wide Bay 8-158 (Anderson 82, Fulton 35) Metro South West 8-100 (Anderson 4-0-24-2); T20: Wide Bay 1-164 (Anderson 81no, Fulton 44no, Armstrong 30) d Mackay-Whitsunday 8-122 (Krebs 4-1-11-3, Armstrong 4-0-22-3); BEARS 7-153 (Krebs 11-3-24-2) d Wide Bay 130 (Fulton 31, O'Brien 27).
U-15: T20: Wide Bay 2-70 (in 8 overs) (Hayden Herbert 29no, Matt Gauld 22) d Mackay-Whitsunday 9-98 (in 20 overs) (Matthew Cornelius 3-0-11-2, Pat Turner 4-0-25-2, Holly Ferling 3-0-27-2); Wide Bay 183 (Mitchell Chapman 27, Stuart Robinson 24, Lane Ferling 22, Sam Dennien 21, Herbert 20) d Gold Coast 10-96 (H Ferling 9-2-25-3, Turner 9-5-11-2, Herbert 6-1-12-2); DDSWQ 145 (Turner 10-4-20-2, Simon Fairbairn 5-0-20-2, Cornelius 11-3-23-2) d Wide Bay 114 (Herbert 48); Wide Bay 10-210 (Dennien 88no, Robinson 51, Herbert 27) d Brisbane North 159 (H Ferling 10.5-2-24-3, Turner 8-1-17-2, Chapman 6-0-14-2).
U-14: Wide Bay 187 (Jayden Grogan 61no, Jarrod Darrach 48, Ciarin Dougherty 26) d DDSWQ 161 (Darrach 6.3-2-11-5, Jack Neubecker 7-2-16-3); Brisbane North 8-217 (Grogan 8-0-50-3, Brycen Mitchell 8-1-22-2) d Wide Bay 6-126 (Joel Saunders 44, Brayden Mitchell 38, Darrach 23); Sunshine Coast 10-194 (Mitchell 9-1-27-3, Darrach 10-1-36-2) d Wide Bay 173 (Darrach 39, B Clark 34); SEQ 9-206 (Darrach 9-2-28-3, Adam Geiger 10-0-60-3, Mitchell 7-1-20-2) d Wide Bay 117 (Darrach 20); Far North 10-191 (Darrach 9-3-12-4, Neubecker 10-1-27-2) d Wide Bay 112 (Grogan 26, Clark 21).
U-13: Wide Bay 121 (Kye Leggett 31, Jake Vidler 20no) d Gold Coast 6-119 (Callum Cook 7-2-12-2, Chris Keen 8-1-14-2); BEARS 8-201 (Ford Clancy 7-2-21-2, Leggett 7-2-30-2) d Wide Bay 9-183 (Leggett 47ret, K Brunjes 39); Wide Bay 9-130 (Mitchell Bunker 28, Dylan Sears 18) d DDSWQ 83 (Keen 10-5-8-5, Leggett 6-1-12-2); Brisbane North 4-168 (Bunker 6-5-1-1) d Wide Bay 8-120 (Leggett 36ret, Sears 23, Oliver Dugdale 20); Wide Bay 108 (Joe Williams 16, Bunker 15, Vidler 15) d SEQ 75 (Vidler 6-3-8-5, Leggett 6-2-13-3, Caylan Brown 5.5-1-10-2). Fifth behind Brisbane North Leggett 4th 129 @ 43.0 equal 10th 8 at 13.5
U-12: BEARS 7-180 (Nicolas Kelsey 8-2-24-2) d Wide Bay 98 (Jaden Bond 22); DDSWQ 9-111 (Harry Neubecker 10-5-6-3, Brady Thompson 6-1-21-3) d Wide Bay 79; Wide Bay 8-184 (Jared Sippel 63no, Bond 16, Brady Thompson 16, Thomas Kidd 16) d Brisbane North Maroon 167 (Neubecker 9.5-1-27-4, Kelsey 8-1-29-3); Wide Bay 113 (Sam Thompson 25, Leo Cartwright 22no) d SEQ 50 (Sippel 8.4-3-9-4, Bond 5-3-3-2); Wide Bay 9-156 (Sam Thompson 40, Sippel 29, Kelsey 24ret, Brady Thompson 21) d Far North 6-103 (Neubecker 7-2-11-1).

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