Why I ended up paying big time for $7 Kmart toaster


I SAW a toaster advertised for just under $100 this week - and I'm seriously considering buying it.

Why, I hear you all - especially my mother - ask.

Surely it wasn't just because it's made of brushed metal in a "champagne" colour scheme.

No. Well, not entirely.

My last toaster was a bargain - a neat and tidy $7.50 model from Kmart. I could have any colour I wanted as long as it was white.

I thought I'd done well, but the toaster worked once before promptly departing this mortal coil.

Being the kind of person whose technological skills extend to replacing batteries in the TV remote, I assumed a part had broken.

Annoyed at missing out on my Vegemite toast, I packed my bags and headed out the door for a weekend away.

Imagine my surprise to return to find a house without lights - and a fridge without power, contents, more than $100 worth, completely inedible.

Of course, my cheap toaster's physical parts were fine - it was its high-end electrical system that had gone on the blink. It had activated my safety switch.

Angry, I threw the wretched thing and the fridge's nauseatingly warm contents away and tried to forget the whole thing.

That anger came back last week when I saw an ad on Facebook promoting that Kmart tested its toaster 2000 times.

Ha! Mine hadn't even lasted two. I commented to that effect and the very lovely people at Kmart rang me to find out more.

They offered me compensation but, alas, they needed the toaster and proof of what I had lost to be able to do that. I pictured mailing them the chicken breasts I'd had in the freezer.

Instead, I've got a $30 "gesture of good will" coming my way.

It won't replace my groceries but I'll head to Kmart and find something I don't need to use it on.

Just not a toaster.

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