The form for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.
The form for the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. Contributed

Why glitter could ruin your same-sex marriage vote

IT'S a simple question but one that will have far-reaching consequences: should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?

Registered Bundaberg voters will be eligible to have their say on the $122 million same-sex marriage postal survey as the mass mail-out began on Tuesday.

Survey forms should be received by September 25.

The package containing the survey form will include a reply-paid envelope and instructions on how to complete the survey form.

The ABS released copies of the form on Monday, revealing a clean and simple page alongside instructions it hopes will ensure an easy voting process.

But ABS is warning voters to not put anything extra in the envelope, such as glitter, to make a political statement.

Doodled survey papers will still be counted as a formal vote, as long as they have a readable "yes” or "no” vote, according to an article by Buzzfeed.

Bundaberg MP Leanne Donaldson reiterated her support for same-sex marriage urging people to vote yes.

"As I've said previously, I am disappointed that this survey is taking place, when a free vote in parliament could have got the job done.

"That said, I urge everyone in Bundaberg to make sure they return their ballot paper, and I encourage them to vote yes.

"I believe all Australians deserve the same rights, regardless of who they love.”

A recent online NewsMail poll garnered 1301 votes with 67% in favour of same-sex marriage and 32% against changing the status quo.

But a new interactive, by the ABC, shows residents across regional Queensland are more likely to vote no in the upcoming survey.

According to the interactive, only 43% of voters in the Hinkler electorate support same-sex marriage.

Hinkler MP Keith Pitt, who does not support same-sex marriage, is urging all voters to have their say in the postal survey.

The ABS will not count any votes received after 6pm on November 7, and will announce the survey result on November 15.

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