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Whoops! Photographer takes wrong couple's engagement photos

REALLY, it could happen to anyone.

You've hiked for 45 minutes into the woods to photograph a young man surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

There's not many people around so when a young couple turn up, albeit a little late and the guy gets down on one knee, you start snapping away.

It's only later when you contact the couple that you learn you've photographed the wrong engagement. What are the chances?

True story - this happened to a photographer in America.

So he reached out on Facebook to try and find the mystery couple he had 450 photographs of.

"I need help!" photographer Jacob Peters wrote.

"So a guy from Wisconsin contacted me to take photos of him proposing to his girlfriend up on Hawksbill Crag at sunrise.

"He wanted to keep it a secret from his girlfriend and surprise her with photos.

JP Photography | Facebook

"I wake up at 2:30am. Start heading to Whitaker's Point. Get there at 4:45. Start hiking into the woods with ZERO light besides my cell phone flash light.

"After 45 minutes of hiking and not seeing any signs of the actual place I'm supposed to be I turn around.

"After 10 minutes of backtracking I run into some college age kids who have been there before and they tell me I was heading the right way. So I turn around and follow them.

"I get to my spot around 6:0 am. Set up and wait for the couple to show up.

"Around 6:17am a young couple shows up. It's them. I'm sure of it. A little late but still not too late. 

"They go up onto Hawksbill Crag. Hang out for a few minutes and then it happens. He pulls out a ring, kneels down behind her. She turns around and starts crying and hugs him and it's obvious she said yes and all went well.

"I stick around for 10-15 minutes after, just taking photos. Then they sit down watch the sunrise and I figured my job's done, I'll pack up and hike out.

"After another 1 hour hike with 30 pounds of camera gear, I finally get back to my car and head home.

"Got home around 9am and since I finally had service I send the guy a text saying congratulations, the photos are beautiful. I'm glad it all worked out and then I take a nap since I was very exhausted.

"I wake up to a text saying: 'I'm confused, we never saw you and we got there a little late, are you sure it was us? I was in a blue plaid shirt…'

"So basically I spent six and half hours, $40 in gas and food, 450 photos, and took the wrong couple's photos.

JP Photography | Facebook

"If anyone knows who this couple might be PLEASE tell them to reach out to me, I'll gladly give them the photos.

"They were engaged on 5-6-17 at 6:17A.M. on Whitaker's Point/Hawksbill Crag," Mr Peters wrote.

The photos were miraculously seen by the mystery couple.

"Hi Jacob! I can't believe what I'm seeing! My fiancé is going nuts seeing this. She even got goose bumps over this," "David Le commented on the photos.

"This is great! Exactly what I wanted," Mr Peters wrote back.

"Thank you for the photos! Everything was already perfect from the start. Your willingness to find us to share our special moment with us is definitely icing on the cake!" Mr Le's fiancé Jenny Pham wrote.

Mr Le said as they were leaving he asked Jenny if he should ask the couple Mr Peters was meant to photograph to take a photo of them.

"I was telling my now fiancé I wish we could have a picture from this spot (where those picture were taken from).

"I asked my fiancé should I asked that couple to take it for us. I am sure it was them because that guy was the only guy we saw that was dressed in a plaid shirt and khakis.

"Jenny said no it's okay let's just leave. And so we left. And now this comes up. Wow!"

Mr Peters said Mr Lee and his fiancé now have their photos.

"The internet never fails to amaze me."

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