HAVING the hip pocket hit at the petrol bowser is a feeling most motorists are familiar with.

RACQ has accused fuel companies of exacerbating that feeling and being misleading by heavily featuring discount fuel prices rather than the standard price.

The automotive body is calling for clearer signage and asking for a ban on displaying discount prices on price boards.

Tinana South man Jimmy O'Gorman agreed with RACQ's stance and said he preferred to fuel up at United which did not display any discount prices on its board.

"They should not be putting on the board the discount price," Mr O'Gorman said.

"That's almost false advertising."

Chronicle Facebook readers were split as to how prices should be displayed.

"Display the actual price of petrol every day, discount vouchers are great but everyone should be able to buy at these prices," Sue Lyons said.

However, Wendy Ballinger thought differently.

"What is confusing about it everyone knows how to read the board and the discount is for store loyalty everyone has the chance to get them," she said.

RACQ spokesperson Michael Roth said the group wanted to see no discount prices displayed and just four prices put on boards - regular unleaded, either E10 or premium, LPG and diesel.

"What is concerning is that motorists attention is being dragged from the road," he said.

Mr Roth said the discount "fine print" on the sign often meant motorists spent too long reading the sign or were caught out at the bowser.

RACQ have sent a request to Attorney-General Yvette D'Arth to have regulations bought in to ensure all fuel signs contain the same information.

A spokeswoman for Ms D'Arth said discount prices were an ongoing issue which was being discussed by the COAG legislative and government forum on consumer affairs.

The ACCC has only recently reported back that although fuel price boards have the capacity to create confusion for consumers, no clear broad instances of misleading conduct could be identified," she said.

A Coles spokesperson said Cole Express price boards clearly display undiscounted prices, as well as the discounted price for fuel.

The Chronicle also approached Woolworths who did not respond by deadline.



Caltex Star - 129.9

BP - 129.9

Caltex Woolworths - 123.9

United - 119.9

Hervey Bay

BP - 134.9

Caltex Star - 134.9

Caltex Woolworths - 132.9

United - 133.7

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