What we'd tell ourselves as teenagers if we could

Don't care what other kids at school think of you, 'cause when you leave you will most likely never see them again.

Lydia Frisch

Don't start smoking, you idiot.

Justin Halstead 

Don't let anyone tell you that you can't achieve your dream. Anything is possible. Just be prepared to work hard to get there.

Tanya Nielsen 

Listen to your parents!

Bianca McGuigan 

Stop caring what everyone thinks. Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Isabella Stokes 

Don't be so hard on yourself. School is a stepping stone, a passion for something is where your dreams can become reality. If you love what you do, it's no longer just a job.

Ruth Damiani 

If you could give one piece of advice to your teenage self - that may help other teens - what would it be?

Posted by NewsMail on Friday, 8 May 2015

Growing up is a trap!

Luke King 

1. Life is hard but it's harder when you're stupid. 2. Be yourself even if you have to stand alone.

Abbra Dee Sauer 

Don't get in so much debt! It haunts you for life.

Aimee Boyd 

Always question authority!

Serena Curnock 

That thing you thought you would never need to learn in school - you will need it a lot - pay attention.

Molly Veronica Ormonde 

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad... learn about the evolved economy.

Selina Williamson 

Travel... Far and wide.

Helen Amos 

Realise when you leave school when you get a job you won't start at the top and you can't have every thing right now. You will have to work and save.

Ian Stronach 

Don't make rash decisions that you will live to regret.

Patti Holden 


Daphne Longford Banks 

Don't get married at 16.

Kaylene Stone 

Study hard and get a trade. It is something to fall back to in the future.

Wanda Glass 

Don't waste your time on people that truly don't matter. Focus more on loving yourself and your body. Your older self will thank you for it... promise xx.

Jodie Hiscock 


We got an overwhelming response when we asked our Facebookers what advice they'd have given their teenage selves... this is what some of you said: http://ow.ly/NnpQk

Posted by NewsMail on Sunday, 24 May 2015


Believe in yourself! Your parents only know what they have learned. Never stop learning. There is an amazing world of really good souls who want the best for you... have a need and want to be one of them! 

Selina Williamson 

Don't smoke. It's not cool when it ruins your health and leaves you broke.

Charlotte Scheiwe 

Love yourself.

Faye McGarry 

You are not alone. Don't ever forget that!

Cheryl Smith 

Study hard and don't get distracted with teenage angst. When you leave, high school politics are worthless to a good life.

Louise Lemon 

People in your teenage years are very, very, very temporary.

Ashleigh Dunn 

Don't worry about the cool kids, life will sort them out.

Frank Livingstone 

Don't allow anyone to bully you! Stand up for yourself. Be strong enough to stop it! And have faith it will get better! it may feel like the world is ending, but it won't and it doesn't. A bully is showing their weakness not yours Xx.

Erin Larsen 

Life is not a race. Buy property, not cars and bikes.

Garry Paterson 

Dream big.

Patricia Brown 

Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams and don't settle for less or second best. You deserve better.

Kayleen Connole 

1. Don't always believe what people tell you. 2. Not everybody is your friend. 3. Always tell the truth, even if it hurts the person you like/love.

Kris Nelson 

Take more interest in your political surrounds and make your vote count for your futures.

Stephen Beiger 

Go with your gut feeling and don't be a follower be a leader in the right direction.

Donna Gutzke 

Eat right, exercise and don't get a flat top haircut and bleach the top part.

Drew Weiss 


Eric Drabwell 

Just keep doin' what you're doin'. You're awesome.

Matthew Fulcher 

Question everything.

Lainey Ferrari 

Listen to your Dad. He's right, he loves you and he'll be gone forever soon so make the most of your time together.

Paul Black 

Life has good consequences and bad consequences as one will always answer to someone in some way or form. Just make certain that you always weigh up the consequences.

Moni Edwards 

Enjoy your teenage years they go way too quick.

Lana Wallace 

Do your school work, that's what important not boyfriends and girlfriends.

Nicole Bullock 

Be bold, be brave, be confident.

Donna Keech 

Don't be so quick to rush out and get a boyfriend. Finish school and enjoy your freedom. Never ever smoke, it's so hard to quit which I have for nearly two years. Don't settle for the first bloke who says he loves you, he really doesn't. I don't regret my kids, I love them to death, I just regret the decisions that I made. I wish I had waited.

Kerrie Murphy 

Listen to reason and believe in yourself. Don't give in to peer pressure if you don't feel 100% about doing something.

Brenda Harris 


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