Whales’ lives resting on Hague case

The fate of whales rests with an international court.
The fate of whales rests with an international court.

THREE weeks of hearings will start at The Hague this week as Australia makes a final bid to halt Japanese whaling.

I fail to see how any good comes from whaling, and at this point, it seems the Japanese government has little to win by sticking steadfastly to whaling practices.

Not only has Japan had an excess of whale meat at times, but consuming whale meat, because of the presence of mercury, is a health risk to children and pregnant women.

Supporters of whaling may use the argument that people are being too emotional in their attachment to whales, but when animals are being killed and going to waste to prove a point, there is a serious problem.

Whaling, if it continues, has the potential to diminish the populations of the creatures that migrate to Australia and threatens their marine ecosystem and the viability of whale watching and tourism.

The outcome of the International Court of Justice will be final, so the lives of these majestic creatures will hang in the balance until a verdict is reached.

Let's hope common sense wins out.

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