WET WEATHER: Rain, glorious rain.
WET WEATHER: Rain, glorious rain. FamVeld

Wet weather will stick around

IF YOU woke up with a smile on your face because you could hear the pitter patter of rain, you will be pleased to know there will be more on the way.

Bureau of Meterology spokesman Mark Trenorden said an onshore low was bringing winds and moisture off the ocean, with showers and the chance of a thunderstorm predicted later today.

"Most of the showers are off shore and heading towards Gladstone at the moment but Bundaberg is definitely getting some rain," he said.

While the region experienced a passing shower this morning, more moisture can be expected later on.

"There are more showers out at sea which means Bundaberg will see a few showers during the day and a bit of lightning as well," he said.

But don't take the glorious rain for granted, tomorrow the weather will return to to a much more stable condition with only a slight possibility of a shower.

Mr Trenorden said Christmas will be a little more wet, with showers predicted throughout the day.