Wet winter does not mean Bundaberg will see another flood.
Wet winter does not mean Bundaberg will see another flood. Scottie Simmonds BUN030313WET8

Wetter winter flood concern

A WETTER than normal winter has some people fearing Bundaberg may be in line for another flood.

Large floods in 1954 and 2010 were preceded by similar wet winters but the Bureau of Meteorology says this doesn't mean Bundaberg will flood this summer.

BOM liaison officer Adam Blazak said the rain so far this year resembled weather patterns in 2010 but any potential flooding would depend on rainfall from November to January.

"It's a long bow to draw at this stage," he said.

"The soil is very wet at the moment but it all comes down to the summer rain.

"No summer rain - no floods."

Mr Blazak, citing the 2013 flood, said a wet winter did not necessarily mean floods in summer.

Weather conditions before the 2013 flood were a lot drier than this year.

Queensland has had its second wettest winter on record and for more than 10% of the state it was the wettest.

Some catchments of Queensland were issued with flood warnings and recorded moderate flood levels during June and July.

Mr Blazak said the forecast for spring rain looked slightly above the average with a 50% chance of more than average rainfall.

He said the outlook for summer would be released during October and November, which would give a better understanding of predicted weather conditions.

The official cyclone outlook would be released then too.

This summer we could also expect up to four cyclones to cross the Queensland coast after a quiet season last year.

"Looking at sea surface temperature... it'll be an average to slightly above average cyclone season for the Coral Sea," he said.

"Looking at early stages there will be neutral La Nina conditions for this coming cyclone season."

Mr Blazak said last year was an "extremely quiet" one in terms of cyclones.

He reiterated that floods and cyclones, like most weather, were unpredictable.

The flood of 1954 happened during July and the 2010 flood was in December to January 2011.

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