Mark Loadsman shows where a tree fell on his car.
Mark Loadsman shows where a tree fell on his car. Tony Martin

Tree falling on car just part of living in north Queensland

AS AN early birthday present, West Mackay resident Mark Loadsman came home to an uprooted tree on his partner's car.

While he wouldn't repeat the first thing he said at the site of the damaged vehicle, within five minutes he thought "whatever... welcome to north Queensland".

"My partner was just looking at me when I drove in the driveway. I went off my head a bit. It's not the first thing you expect," he said.

"But it's just one of those things.... can't be helped."

The damage occurred late Thursday afternoon when Mackay experienced wind gusts of 83kmh and 54kmh wind speeds.

The tree was actually in the neighbour's yard, Mr Loadsman said.

"I was at the shopping centre (with the kids). My partner was here. She half-witnessed it," Mr Loadsman said.

The pair had just finished tidying up the yard in preparation for ex-tropical Cyclone Dylan.

Moving the car under shelter was the last job on their list.He said it was a good thing his partner had been distracted, or she might have been inside the vehicle when the 12-14m tree fell across it.

Rather than relaxing before his 39th birthday celebrations on Sunday, Mr Loadsman was keeping busy ringing tree loppers and insurance assessors.

He anticipated all the "stickybeaks" would start arriving to check out the damage.

Mr Loadsman said he was hoping for another five years from his car.

But it does mean he and his partner can now go car shopping early.

"Funny thing, I offered to buy my partner a new car six months ago.

"She said: I'm right.

"So I bought myself one," he laughed.