A Moroccan-inspired interior.
A Moroccan-inspired interior. iStock

Welcome the world inside through cultural inspiration

Australia is touted as one of the most successful multicultural societies on the planet. While this approach to immigration is sadly sometimes under attack, in our hearts we know that Australia is truly enriched by those who come from every corner of the globe to seek a better life Down Under.

When thinking of immigrant contributions to our lifestyle, it is easy to cite the extraordinary variety of foods we enjoy, thanks largely to our immigrants. But in fact our immigrants contribute much more to the way we live, including how we choose to design and decorate our homes.

Think of al fresco, the ultimate Italian style of dining and an ideal way of living, given our climate, especially in the hotter regions of our country.

Designs that were once unique to Asia are also growing in popularity here. These are especially evident in garden designs such as the classical Balinese garden.

Moroccan casual poufs and deeply comfortable African safari-inspired sofas also work perfectly in our corner of the globe. For Australians in cooler regions, the Scandi approach to interiors and furniture design has been incorporated whole-heartedly.

Mediterranean-style living conjures gently lapping waters, terracotta tiling, rustic timber furniture and wrought iron pieces, all of which are immensely appropriate in our part of the world. Similar, though with its differences, the classic Hamptons style is currently a huge and growing trend.

Without doubt, the Australian world of interiors has benefited from the influx of people from all cultures - financially, culturally and in how we choose to style and live in our homes.

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