The opening of Sugarland Shoppingtown, May 22, 1978. Submitted by Sugarland Shoppingtown
The opening of Sugarland Shoppingtown, May 22, 1978. Submitted by Sugarland Shoppingtown

'We won't back down on Sugarland': Love, the people of Bundy

FOLLOWING news Sugarland's name had been changed to Stockland Bundaberg, debate raged among locals who didn't feel a name change was right for the local shopping mall.

The centre, which opened in 1978, has always, and will likely always be known as Sugarland.

We're a hard mob to convince when it comes to changing up names in the region.

It's a fact backed up by a poll on the NewsMail website that shows 89% of readers still plan to use the mall's original title.

However, Stockland Bundaberg centre manager Peter Cocking said the centre was excited about the rebranding.

"It's a fresh new name for Bundaberg's favourite shopping destination, but still the shopping centre our customers know and love," he said.

It could be an uphill battle for Stockland to convince the fine people of Bundaberg, though.

"Us oldies will still call it Sugarland, same as Olson's Corner," said Deborah Ward.

Kerralee Roberts said she felt the name change was going to prove confusing.

"I'm still gonna always call it Sugarland, I think they should've stuck with the Stockland Sugarland 'cause now if we get tourist/visitors and say 'oh that's at Sugarland' people are gonna be like 'what, where's that?'"

Former Sugarland worker Kathy Gray said the original name made sense because we do, well, grow cane.

"I worked there in 1981, it's memories for me and saw a lot of change in Sugarland when I came for a holiday few years ago," she said.

Locals are making memes about the name change.
Locals are making memes about the name change.

"Love that name Sugarland, not Stockland, yuck."

Amy Kinsey said Stockland had too much of a rural feel.

"Who cares, I'm still calling it Sugarland," she said.

"Stockland sounds like I'm going to a cattle place."

Tanya Nielsen said while she'd be careful with visitors, there was no way she'd be using the new name.

"It will always be Sugarland," she said.

"Guess we will just have to be careful when giving directions to tourists."

Cassy Randall said she was not at all happy about the change.

"Why change the name after 30-plus years?" she asked.

Wayne L Hutchinson's opinion was simple and clear, but seemed to sum up the way most locals were feeling.

"Stockland, that's a dumb name," he said.

"Bundaberg is a sugar town, Sugarland is a better name."

15 bits of Bundy news from the year 'Sugarland' opened

Opening in 1978, Sugarland was considered a jewel in the growing city's crown. 

The complex, unlike any other in the area, was one of many clear indicators of Bundaberg's need for continued expansion and of its potential, the Deputy Premier and State Treasurer, Mr Knox, said in Bundaberg.

Mr Knox officially opening the $13 million complex, one of the largest regional shopping centres in the entire state.

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