Scott Clark has started a Facebook campaign to get Jetstar into Bundaberg.
Scott Clark has started a Facebook campaign to get Jetstar into Bundaberg. ELISE COTTAM

We want Jetstar too!

IT’S Bundaberg’s own version of air wars.

In the blue corner is Brent Ephraims and his Facebook page, called I Want Virgin Blue Flights to and from Bundaberg, which has already drawn more than 2700 supporters.

In the orange corner is new contender Scott Clark, who has started up his own page, Bring Jetstar to Bundaberg.

Regardless of the cyber winner, it points to one thing: Bundaberg passengers want air fare competition.

Mr Clark said he started the group after a page supporting a Virgin Blue bid for Bundaberg flights was organised by Mr Ephraims, a Century 21 Bundaberg marketing specialist.

“I like to travel and what always got me was we had family up north and to get there we would have to go south first,” Mr Clark said.

Mr Clark said he was a member of Mr Ephraims’ group but thought it best more than one budget airline came to Bundaberg to end Qantas Link’s monopoly.

“I wouldn’t like to see just one carrier come here. Look at Hervey Bay — they just have Virgin and they can charge whatever they want,” he said.

Mr Clark’s group currently has more than 230 members, which he said were mostly gathered through word of mouth.

“Most of what I’ve seen so far is that everyone is wanting cheaper flights to more places than just Brisbane or Sydney,” he said.

Cost was a driving factor for a number of the group’s members.

Christine Thompson wrote: “I don’t care which airline comes to Bundy, as long as they fly further than Brisbane at a realistic price.”

Virgin Blue flights from Hervey Bay to Sydney start at $125, while Qantas Link flights from Bundaberg to Brisbane start from $158.

Choice of destination was also important for supporters.

“Will Jetstar have direct flights from Townsville to Bundaberg? Everything is flying from Bundaberg south and then Hervey Bay south. What about the north Queenslanders?,” Jeremy Tanner wrote.

Mr Ephraims welcomed the new group.

“I’m fine with any cheaper airline coming here but Jetstar is a part of Qantas, so I’m not sure if that will happen,” he said.

Jetstar spokesperson Simone Pregillo said the airline was “very flattered” with the attention but the city had not been considered for services.

“At this stage Bundaberg is not in our short-term plans. We have just released upgrades to capacity on existing services,” she said.


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