Wayne Dover.
Wayne Dover. Source: Facebook

Wayne Dover's wife says death a 'blurred nightmare'

THE wife of popular Sunshine Coast Aussie Rules identity Wayne Dover has described the night he was killed as a 'blurred nightmare'.

Wayne Dover, 45, of Kuluin, was allegedly killed by three men in their 20s outside the Factory at Sunshine Plaza in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Police said he was knocked to the ground, then kicked and punched in an attack that lasted less than 20 seconds and was captured on CCTV cameras.

Mr Dover was the owner of a shade and awnings company, which he ran with his wife, Michelle.

She had been with him earlier in the night, but was not present at the altercation about 3.10am.

His passing prompted an outpouring of grief from the Sunshine Coast Aussie rules community, which hailed him as a universally loved "good bloke".

In a post on her husband's Facebook site, Michelle Dover thanked everyone for their 'beautiful & kind words'.

"Saturday was such a blurred nightmare, I still can't believe that my gorgeous big man is never coming home....

"The people involved have NO idea of the consequences of their (alleged) actions - they have taken my soul mate from me... they have taken my life; the years to come that we were meant to share.. the holidays, the birthdays, the Christmas's, the tough times...

"I always truly believed that we would grow old & wrinkly together - I am in complete shock,'' she wrote.

"I was sooo lucky to have him share his life with me for 18 years. He was so dedicated to our business, always striving to better himself & our team, always striving to find solutions for customers when others had walked away saying it couldn't be done.

"He wanted me, our family & friends to be proud of him & the life he had made for us....

"Wayne sweetheart, I have ALWAYS been proud of you!! You are the one that pushes me on when I want to give up, you are the one that always found the positive in whatever situation life threw at us.

"Thank you from the bottom of my grieving heart for making me stronger & the woman I am today.

"You are the one who always made sure we had a great time, without caring what others thought.

"I will always treasure the memories of us dancing like a couple of silly buggers on our beautiful deck - just the 2 of us.

"Oh god I miss your amazing smile & your gorgeous long eyelashes. I loved watching you sleep, such a big strong man looking so adorable & vulnerable - the ache in my heart is overwhelming.

"I keep panicking thinking I'm forgetting little parts of you already - your big strong hands, your chest where I felt so safe, your mannerisms, your infectious laugh...
"I look around our home and see you EVERYWHERE! The work shoes and socks you took off on Friday before we went out, before the nightmare...

"Your worn clothes that I can't bare to wash, I just keep smelling your shirts & the aftershave smell takes me to you just for a moment...

"We did everything together, we were never apart, when one was weak, the other was strong.

"We would complete each other's sentences, we'd been through so much together & worked so damn hard, we deserved to enjoy OUR life, our future memories that I'll never get to share with you.

"Even when I had to identify your body, from the left side you looked so perfect, I kept trying to see a flicker of life in your eyelids, expecting your eyes to open & you to come back to me....

"I have been so cheaply robbed... this isn't real, it's not happening... I hope everyone who has called can please understand that I'm just not capable of talking at the moment.

" I have seen your calls & text messages which mean the world to me, but I can't face talking about it yet... not yet... I'm still believing he will walk into my life, our life once again.

" I feel so empty, I feel so lost.... Rest in beautiful peace my gorgeous hubby, it's the very least you deserve..''

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