Waves hope their Mecano Cup victory is not the only thing they are celebrating at the end of the season.
Waves hope their Mecano Cup victory is not the only thing they are celebrating at the end of the season. Max Fleet

Waves lodge appeal

THE ARCHEM Premier League finals story took another twist yesterday, with Across The Waves lodging an appeal after they were docked points for playing an unregistered player last weekend.

Waves Football Club secretary Robbie Asnicar claimed there was insufficient evidence at Monday night's board meeting to make the decision, and has asked for an appeal before game day to reinstate the club with the single point they lost.

Asnicar argued that the club was not in the wrong, and that it was Football Bundaberg's administrative error that led to their undoing.

“I'm just trying to clear it up and get the facts right,” Asnicar said.

“As far as we're concerned we didn't make a mistake; we were told we were doing things by the rules.”

He said regardless of the decision it was important to show the top squad that the Waves executive was behind them.

“They have all dropped their bundles a bit at the moment,” he said.

“They are looking to the management to get some movement and we've acted.”

The players themselves will channel their frustration on to Martens Oval tomorrow as they attempt to salvage a season that has faltered in its final stages.

“There's plenty of fire in the belly,” Waves player Jason De Papi said.

“It wouldn't be the Waves way if we didn't do it tough though.”

The Mecano Cup champions were on top of the world less than a month ago when they won the inaugural Wide Bay knockout cup, but have struggled since due to a rigorous playing schedule.

As it stands, they are in fifth spot, but if an appeal goes ahead and is successful they will be in a position to control their destiny.

“We'll be back ahead of Brothers by a point and will need a win to get through without relying on other results,” Asnicar said.

Action kicks off at 3pm with Moore Park taking on Brothers Aston Villa.


Waves semi hopes on knife edge

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Buccaneers-Souths United clash washed out

Officials announced the decision early Friday.

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