FIREYS are doing a rain dance in hopes to bring relief to the region after a large fire almost claimed homes and businesses on Sunday.

More than 70 firefighters, 20 rural fire trucks and eight fire and rescue appliances battled the blaze in Branyan, which broke out just after noon.

Bundaberg Rural Fire Service area director Bruce Thompson said the fire took advantage of the hot weather and fuel, as it spread with force.

Mr Thompson said because the conditions were optimal the fire was able to move fast and it was lucky no property was lost.

Resident Laura Christensen's property backs on to Cummins Rd.


The two metre high flames could be seen from her home as firey's scrambled through and around barbed fencing to protect properties.

"It was very amazing. The neighbours had only needed to cut one section of fence," Ms Christensen said.

A rural service volunteer said the conditions were "stifling, hot and windy".

The heat from the fire radiated as the sun shone down making the 34 degrees feel a little more like 100 degrees.

The heat was so intense trees burnt from the inside out.

"It was so busy and the crews had to be adaptable and flexible to move from one property to the other," the volunteer said.

"Support trucks were flat out convoying water to and from other appliances."

It wasn't just the firefighters on the ground as residents grabbed their garden hoses to do what they could.

"Property owners allowed a fire truck to draft water from a pool to help," he said.

Mr Thompson said the wind swirled around making the condition worse.

With so many people on the ground he was amazed no one was injured.

A number of fireys said it was one of the biggest efforts they've had to put in and were amazed it was able to be controlled.

The volunteer said the smoke was thick and dense as the grass and bush burnt.

"It wasn't a typical grass fire or bush fire more a combination of both," he said.

"There was a blueberry farm and if the fire had came any closer it would have gone right through it."

A spokesman for the Perfection Blueberries thanked the fireys for helping to stop the blaze closing in.

Perfection would like to thank the great job done by the fire brigade

"It wasn't the only fire in the area either.

"We had 40 fireys fighting a fire at South Kolan at the same time also."

He praised the fireys and with the size of the blaze it was amazing no property was lost.

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