HOGWARTS isn't the only place pictures can come to life, as a Warwick weather photographer has used movie magic to make one of his own incredible weather images move.

Some people may be familiar with Chris McFerran's incredible image Van Gogh, which was taken near the Eight Mile and featured in the Bureau of Meteorology calendar in 2015.

But this morning Mr McFerran shared the image to his Facebook page again but this time the clouds in the image were rolling as if you were watching them in the sky.


Chris McFerran's stunning image Van Gogh went viral.
Chris McFerran's stunning image Van Gogh went viral. Chris McFerran


Mr McFerran said he used an app called Pixaloop to create the stunning effect.

"You can actually direct the app to make the clouds go up or down," he said.

"It blew me away."

Mr McFerran also used the technology to make a picture of a supercell in the sky swirl.

"It (the app) just came up in my newsfeed on Facebook and I watched a demo and voila," he said.



Mr McFerran said the app could also be used to make all kinds of images move, including waterfalls, rivers and clock faces.

He froze parts of his own images, such as the land and watermark, but then used the technology to make other sections move.

Mr McFerran said it was mesmorising to watch his image come to life with the power of technology.

"I think even in the last few days the response has been amazing, they've been popular really quickly," he said.

View more of Chris' work by visiting SE Qld Weather Photography on Facebook.