WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER: Grant Appo in front of vulgar graffiti he says is a race hate crime.
WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER: Grant Appo in front of vulgar graffiti he says is a race hate crime. Eliza Goetze

WATCH: 'Educate, don't retaliate' to hateful graffiti

"IT'S not right.

"But two wrongs don't make a right."

A spate of racist graffiti across the Bundaberg region has upset many in the local community.

Grant Appo, a proud Kanaka man, found the message "F*** n****s" with a swastika symbol had reappeared over the weekend, on both sides of a wall between the Ring Rd and Greathead Rd at Kepnock, after it was originally removed three weeks ago.

"It's disgusting... these are race hate messages," he said.

"Being close to the school, a lot of children will see it."

Mr Appo has spoken out at the urging of family and friends.

Watch the video below, but a warning - the graffiti is displayed in full.



"I've experienced some of this stuff where I'm from in the Tweed, but my mother was born here and I have a large South Sea Islander family here," he said.

"When it happened back home, we got the elders and the community together with the police to say this stuff won't be tolerated.

"We put a stop to it pretty quickly, but it's all about education.

"People need to know the severe penalties involved."

He believes the vandals are deliberately trying to provoke retaliation and wants to see a peaceful resolution to the problem.

"Unfortunately it's making a lot of my people very angry and upset, and some are wanting to take matters into their own hands.

"We can be a voice without being violent.

"(The vandals) are just seeking attention."

Bundaberg Police did not respond to the NewsMail's request for comment.

Bundaberg Regional Council has urged anyone with any knowledge of people defacing property with graffiti to report it.

"While recent instances of graffiti around Bundaberg has disgusted residents, council is confident Bundaberg Police will handle the situation appropriately," Deputy Mayor Bill Trevor said.

"In this instance the messages are vile and disgraceful and reflect poorly on the creatures responsible for producing this juvenile garbage."

After consultation with Transport and Main Roads, the council sent a crew to remove the Ring Rd graffiti yesterday.

To report graffiti phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Police Link on 131 444.

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