Waste man says fault is rubbish

RUBBISH remover Peter Radel says the failure of the weighbridge at Bundaberg Regional Council's waste transfer station means he cannot carry on his business.

The weighbridge, which was installed last week, failed on Tuesday.

Staff at the waste transfer station, who had been charging commercial operators by weight to dump rubbish, had to go back to "deeming" under Department of Environment and Resource Management guidelines.

But Mr Radel, who operates Dump Rat Rubbish Removals, said the guidelines would send him broke.

"Now they charge according to the weight of the vehicle," he said.

"My truck weighs 8.7 tonnes, and I get charged according to 70% of that weight.

"That means I get charged $130 a load, even if I've only got 10kg of waste in the back."

Mr Radel said he had two or three jobs lined up for yesterday, for which he had quoted $60 each.

"It's more or less stopped me working," he said.

"I've already been to one place where their bag is full but I had to tell them I couldn't take it.

"This is an absolute shambles."

Mr Radel said he had been in the business for 18 years, but this was the worst conditions he had seen.

"Running costs are getting out of hand," he said.

Member for Bundaberg Jack Dempsey said the root cause of the problem was a money grab by the State Government.

He said the problem had been highlighted because the weighbridge in Bundaberg had malfunctioned.

"At council dumps where there is no weighbridge, they have to use the deeming provisions," he said.

Council health and environment director Greg Savage said the State Government brought in the waste levy and laid down regulations that the council had to enforce.

He said the new rules were to try to encourage people to come in with fuller trucks.

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