BATTERED: Ken Whiteland was the victim of a brutal assault in his home.
BATTERED: Ken Whiteland was the victim of a brutal assault in his home. Jonno Colfs

Warwick retiree relives alleged machete attack

A WARWICK retiree has been the victim of a brutal attack in his own home.

Ken Whiteland, of Griffith Estate, was taken to Warwick Hospital on Tuesday night after being set upon by the unknown intruder.

Mr Whiteland said he and his daughter Elizabeth were in their lounge room watching television when he heard a noise on the back patio.

"I got up and opened the sliding door," he said.

"Next thing you know, whack, and I'm on the ground."

Mr Whiteland said he was down for a minute or two.

"When I got up the bloke was gone," he said.

"I yelled out to Elizabeth to call an ambulance."

Mr Whiteland was struck to the left temple with what he believed was a machete.

Two days later, Mr Whiteland is still unable to see from his left eye due to bruising.

"I needed 15 stitches to a gash above the eye," he said.

"I must have raised my hand defensively as well, because I've lost the tip of my left index finger."

Mr Whiteland said he didn't get a look at the attacker, but told the Daily News he has previously had issues with intruders in his yard.

"On eight separate occasions I've had issues with intruders coming into my yard and looking in windows," he said.

"But that hasn't happened for months."

Mr Whiteland said he had alerted police on numerous occasions.

"They always told me not to go outside if there were intruders," he said.

"But to be honest, I've had the jack of it, so I went out to check.

"I didn't expect this to happen though, that's for sure."

Mr Whiteland said the ambulance arrived within 10 minutes of the call.

"They dressed the wound and took me to hospital," he said.

"The police came for my statement later."

Detective Darren Tamblyn of Warwick Criminal Investigation Branch confirmed the incident was the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

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