Warwick man serves time for head-stomping

A WARWICK man who stomped the head of another man and left him unconscious for more than half an hour will spend eight months in jail for the attack.

Darren Andrew Bradley carried out the brutal assault on the man who had been wrestling with his brother during a night on the town.

During sentencing yesterdaey, Magistrate Bevan Manthey took into account Bradley's "complete lack of remorse".

In a copy of a text message given to the court, Bradley was shown to have said to his brother, "Seen my solicitor. How's this for a kick in the face? 12 months. I should have fully stomped him, f****** dog."

"This demonstrates refusal to accept responsibility for his actions," Mr Manthey said.

"It was clear that it was a cold and calculated deliberate assault."

CCTV footage presented to the Warwick Magistrates Court earlier this month showed the fight between Bradley's brother and the victim.

As the struggle appeared to be finishing, Bradley walked out of the hotel, lifted his foot and forcefully stomped the victim.

He then turned around and returned to the pub.

The court heard 41-year-old Bradley never acknowledged the victim or showed concern for his welfare.

Mr Manthey described Bradley's actions after the assault as "gloating and intimidating".

The CCTV video footage showed Bradley casually walking around with a cigarette and with a beer in hand minutes after the attack. The victim suffered bruises to his upper chest, swelling to his neck and jaw, two black eyes and was required to wear a neck brace.

He also suffered significant damage to his teeth, which generated a $2768 dental bill.

"It was fortunate that the injuries sustained by the victim were not more severe," Mr Manthey said.

"If the onlooker didn't assist, things could have been more serious."

Bradley pleaded guilty to eight charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm.

He was sentenced to two years' jail but will be released on parole on May 6.

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