ALIAS: George Kirk is back behind bars.
ALIAS: George Kirk is back behind bars. Luke J. Mortimer

Wanted man lying about identity gives police wrong fake name

A CENTRAL Queensland man wanted on a return-to-prison warrant tried to fly under the radar and hide in plain sight by giving police the fake name John Adams.

But rather than committing to just one name, George Stanley John Kirk, 34, changed his mind halfway through the story and told officers his name was actually John Kelly.

Kirk pleaded guilty to six charges in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday, all of which were committed within two weeks of his parole release.

Senior Constable Grant Klaassen said Kirk was pulled over by Bundy officers along Water St on December 30.

As police spoke to him, Kirk reached into a cooler bag in his car multiple times, prompting a police search and the discovery of a glass condenser.

Kirk told police he had used the condenser to smoke marijuana, however, when questioned, couldn't explain how the piece of equipment could be used for that purpose.

"Unsurprisingly, they called your bluff," Magistrate Belinda Merrin told Kirk yesterday.

When asked for his full name, Kirk said "John Adams".

After being arrested and taken to the watchhouse, Kirk lied again, this time claiming he was John Kelly, Jonathon Dennis and then James Dennis.

When the time came to provide his fingerprints, Kirk dropped to the floor and made himself a dead weight.

Once police identified Kirk, they found a warrant had been issued after police found items consistent with a secret drug lab at his parents' house at Gladstone nine days earlier.

The court heard that on December 21, police found a PH meter, PH test kits, a small amount of iodine and clear plastic funnels inside his parents' shed, which they said had been brought there by Kirk a few days earlier.

Snr Const Klaassen said it was concerning the father-of-three had reoffended within six days of being released on parole for a different offence, which involved him and a co-offender being in possession of a sawn-off firearm and 2g of methylamphetamine they'd tried to stuff down a motel-room toilet when police came knocking.

"Imprisonment is the only appropriate sentence here today," he said.

The court heard Kirk became a drug addict in 2014.

"He is a drug-dependent person," defence lawyer Craig Ryan said.

He said his client had never had the intention of producing drugs with the illegal items but rather to trade them for drugs or money to buy drugs.

"He had no skills to produce the items," Mr Ryan said.

"In his drug-addicted state his main purpose was to obtain the next hit."

Kirk received a nine-month head prison sentence, with parole release on September 11.

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