In wake of crash, council warns to drive to the conditions

WITH further wet weather forecast across the region this weekend, Bundaberg Regional Council is urging residents to exercise more caution than normal.

More than 100mm of rain fell across the coastal areas of the region overnight, bringing with it slippery roads and dangerous driving conditions.

Bundaberg Mayor Mal Forman said drivers needed to adapt their driving to suit the conditions.

"Driving to the conditions is really common sense, but unfortunately not everyone drives like you or I would. It's really important that drivers slow down, turn their lights on, and leave a safe gap between themselves and the car in front, which is about four seconds or more," Cr Forman said.

"There have already been some very serious crashes around the region this morning, which is tragic. But everyone needs to slow down. I want all road users to do the right thing so we everyone can get home to our loved ones in one piece."

Cr Forman also said that heavy rain had already caused localised flooding across the region.

"Whenever we get wet weather there will always be areas where there will be water over the road. However, it's really important that if you come across a flooded road try to find an alternative route.

"Not only is driving through flooded road dangerous but it can also cause serious damage to your car, no matter how high the water is. Remember, if it's flooded forget it."

Cr Forman said the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) would continue to monitor the situation over the coming days.

"As a result of the falls overnight, there have been some minor stream and creek rises, but no gauges are indicating these river rises are approaching minor flood levels.

Baffle Creek - a small coastal catchment - has seen the greater of the river rises but these rises are all below minor.

"The LDMG remains at ALERT activation level, which means we will continue to monitor and evaluate rainfall and any river rises associated with the current rain.

"It's essential that we are all prepared and don't become complacent in weather events like these. Residents should continue to be alert but not alarmed."

Check out Council's Disaster Management website for more info:

More information about road closures is available at

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