Wait at doctor surgery is enough to make any mum sick

I WOKE up this morning to find my master six-year-old with rashes and blisters up the sides of his feet.

I felt frustrated that this discovery meant a trip to the doctor's surgery.

Don't get me wrong, my children's doctor is a top practitioner.

We can have a good laugh with him, he is understanding with my children's issues and has been on the spot with every diagnosis he has given.

The doctor is not the issue. The waiting time is the biggest problem!

I have two children in school and have to rely on my partner or my mother to get me places.

I did have a really nice car a few years back until my mother's car decided it was feeling rather randy whilst she was reversing.

Her car made full-on love to my beautiful Lancer.

My Lancer must have enjoyed every minute of it too.

Her bonnet opened wide, her windscreen shattered and front bumper fell to the ground!

It must have been so good because she refused to ever shut her bonnet again.

Anyway... back to "waiting" issues.

My afternoon is looking as though I'll be stuck in a doctor's waiting area for hours.

I'll ring up in advance about 15 minutes before to see how long of a wait I'm looking at.

The surgery usually says there is only two or three people with a possible 20 to 30 minute wait.

So I stay at home till the 30 minutes is up and head on down to the surgery.

The surgery takes my kids' details and tells us to sit and wait.

After half an hour of my kids complaining of boredom, I go back to the reception and ask how much longer the doctor will be.

It's usually around this time that I want to place a pineapple on the pretty little receptionist's chair, when she replies: "There is probably around a 45 minute wait with three or four people in front of you".

SERIOUSLY? I swear doctor's surgeries think mothers don't have a life.

They must think we have all the time in the world on our hands to sit around with our bored children?

Sometimes I will wait out the remainder of the wait with my two overly bored children who start to fight with each other for entertainment, while other times I get fed up with the waiting and reschedule.

All depends on the reason I am at the doctor's in the first place.

Here's the thing though, the doctors can make us wait any where from an hour... up to three hours.

We have never got through in under an hour and a half of waiting.

If I choose to leave and cancel the appointment, I get charged for it. It can be anywhere from $45 to $55.

Why do we get charged for them taking a large chunk out of our time?

Sometimes the wait was all for nothing.

Shouldn't we be charging them for the long wait that we never ordered?

No one likes to wait hours for anything in general, let alone a mother with cranky, irritable or sick children who get easily bored and impatient.

I think doctors need to make consultation times and stick to them.

If a consultation takes longer than originally planned, it should not become the next patient's responsibility.

I guess if all businesses could stick to a time limit, they would have happy clients and a smooth running operation.

What's your doctor's surgery like with waiting times?

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