LETTER: Be careful who you vote for

THE council elections are over, and the Federal Election is next to deal with.

I do feel that too many promises were made with council elections statewide and that people expect too much of government.

This leads to candidates who promise the earth.

This all comes at a price, which means that taxes and budget deficits go up, and in the case of council, rates go up.

Governments and councils are always calling for population growth and for more industry and tourism as a solution to our economic problems.

What happened to all the revenue from the mining during the boom?

It's all very well to promote more industry to set up, however a lot of our industry is closing, moving overseas, with a massive job losses.

Companies say that Australia is too expensive to operate a business, stating power prices, and that we can't compete with low-cost developing countries.

Folks, tourism is a tough gig to get into.

I know, because years ago I applied for jobs on the Gold Coast, and you have no hope as competition is hot and tourism jobs involve promotion and selling.

If you can sell someone last year's calendar, then you may score a job in tourism.

As for population growth, the world is already over-populated and its resources are being quickly used up, pollution and traffic jams, crime etc, are all worsening. So what's the point?

The Turnbull government has been criticised for saying that we have to live within our means, but Turnbull and his mates are right, and I don't care for any political party.

If Labor and the Greens win the election, expect taxes to go up to pay for their promises, the carbon tax to be re-introduced and they will let in all the boat people again. I hope people think carefully about this.


South Kolan

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