Vital questions about Hayne's NRL move need to be answered

IT has been a week since Jarryd Hayne turned his back on the Parramatta Eels.

Many questions need to be answered about the situation.

Has he dudded the club that released him early and supported him? In a way I feel he needed to show them some loyal as the Eels were the club that has looked after him from his junior days until now, even releasing him from his contract to chase his dream.

Who is to blame for him not returning? While Hayne blamed the instability, I am sure this is not the main reason for his decision. When you are offered much more money to go to another club, the player needs to weigh up whether money is to be the top priority over happiness.

Should Parra have shifted heaven and earth to sign Hayne? Brad Arthur summed it up best when he said he has to consider the effect on his team if the Eels had matched the Titans' huge offer. The effect would have been the loss of more players from the roster.

Will Hayne succeed at the Titans? Hayne is a freak of a player and the change of the jersey doesn't change this in anyway.

Will he ever return to the Eels? Fingers crossed he does but I will not be cheering him on.

Better than a legend

YOU win one gold medal at the Olympics and you are put in the great category. But if you win nine like Carl Lewis, Mark Spitz, Larisa Latynina or Paavo Nurmi you are a legend.

What superlative do we use for Michael Phelps and the record 21 gold medals he has won?

Genius, out of this world and superman are good descriptions but do not really do Phelps justice. He has proven over a long period that he can dominate his sport like no other swimmer in the history of the pool.

His time in the pool is not over yet and by Olympics end who knows how many he might have.

He is the greatest Olympian of all-time and no-one comes even close to his record and no-one will for a long time.

Quick thoughts

BOMBER'S bouquet 1: The stance of our first swimming gold medallist Mack Horton on drug cheats should be applauded.

Bomber's bouquet 2: The magical sub 60 club has an old member who has put his name into the club again with a unbelievable round of 58. Jim Furyk is the golfer.

Bomber's beef 1: The Australian cricket team is regarded as the best in the world. On current performances they would struggle to beat any team with a spinner.

Bomber's beef 2: The Broncos have not been in the best form recently and it's bemusing that Wayne Bennett has knocked back Queensland Origin coach Kevin Walters from helping them turn their form around.

Bomber's best: My horse tip ran an okay race but finished outside the placings. This week with the start of the EPL I see Manchester United and City saluting.

Who am I?

I was born in Ipswich on November 22, 1966 and was educated at Bundamba State School and Ipswich Grammar School.

I started playing my chosen sport in Ipswich before moving to Brisbane to further my career. I made many representative sides and was selected in the Qld Country team on many occasions. One highlight of my career was leading my club side to victory in the 1989/90 season where I scored 115 not out and took 6/38 and 5/36 to lead them to grand final glory.

Last week's answer: Boxer Owen Kinnane.

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