Muay Thai fighters show their stuff in Hervey Bay

MUAY Thai fighters across the state will be watching carefully who they are matched with after Blair Bretag and Ben Young won their maiden kickboxing fights at Hervey Bay.

Both fighters out of Vipers Muay Thai won each round of their fights with punch and kick knock downs.

Young started brilliantly by sending Shane Stenhouse to the floor with a head kick 10 seconds into the first round. Bretag wore his opponent, James Braine, with

superior skills, aggression and fitness.

Bretag caught a glimpse of Braine before the fight and said he briefly felt uneasy but he drew on knowing his training had prepared him for the battle he was about to face.

"After seeing him (Braine) before the fight I was nervous, and a bit anxious because he was a bit taller than me," Bretag said.

"But then I just couldn't wait to get in the ring."

With the roar of a 700-strong crowd in his ears

Bretag quickly worked out Braine's weakness and went in on the attack, piling on the pressure for three intense rounds.

Bretag found it hard to

describe all of his emotions after the fight but said there was one he could identify - he planned to fight on in the


"It was an amazing feeling, very overwhelming but a bit of relief as well," he said. "I have some representative commitments at Aussie rules but will fight again as soon as they are over."

Young's dominance of the fight had him excited for his next bout and he said there was no break from training after enjoying the taste of victory.

"After the fight it was a good feeling and now I am looking forward to the next fight," Young said.

"I am already getting back into training; I have to thank the crew for their support and training to get me ready for the fight."

The other Vipers fighter who made the trip to Hervey Bay was Anthony Dunphy. He couldn't get a fight but

entered the tough man competition and made it to the

semi-finals but was beaten by a stronger boxer.

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